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EMSolutions is proactive process that utilises the state of art technology to help the participants to make decision at a reduce level of risk in relation to their asset, so we can optimise the desired business outcomes.

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  • EMSolutions has a large impact on safety in all industry (Mining, Construction, Energy and Transportation and Marine) that using heavy industrial machinery as it aims to predict pending issues with the machines and their components by using the machine data and its environmental factor. Predicting the incident helps with proactive planning to help prevent machines from failing in situation that put personnel and machines at high risk of injury and damage.

  • The efficiency will also be increased due the predictive nature and understanding of the assets performance which will improve efficiency in planning which will flow on to the use of man power on site. Resolving issues well before failure will also improve the mean time to repair and mean time between stoppages which will give the machine better utilisation allowing for optimal use of these assets.

  • Environmental/Sustainability is a very important area to ensure the viability of industries and for businesses to remain competitive. EMSolutions provides the ability to closely monitor assets and provide the ability to reduce fuel burn and oil change intervals with a reduction in waste oil and long term volume of hydrocarbons. Closely monitoring machines will also help with reduced component failures and improve component life with reduced need to rebuild with new parts and therefore cutting down on the long term waste and environmental impact of waste and use of the raw materials.

  • Equipment Care Advisor is the tool at the center of EMSolutions and enables the entire process. With one system there is the ability to track information and directthe information flow to a responsible group for actioning of recommendations. This audibility ensures there is accountability which will drive effectiveness and will support and drive the other key features.