• 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies

Designed In:

United Kingdom

EMA50 is an autonomous front-of-store inventory scanning robot for retail. As part of Zebra’s SmartSight solution it safely scans shelves whilst shoppers are in-store to check inventory is correct, issuing real-time corrective actions and insights to store associate’s mobile devices improving store performance and shopper experience.

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  • The challenge was to create an autonomous solution that could safely navigate the store, checking inventory whilst not disrupting or discouraging shoppers or store associates. Multiple advanced cameras, LiDAR, and time of fight sensors along with onboard processing needed to be embedded in a form that was unimposing and safe. The design needed to integrate multiple safety systems whilst also communicating safety and stability. The design needed to be easy to service and upgradable in the field whilst only allowing access to trained service technicians.

  • The elegant non-imposing design with subtle colours and soft curves is non-threatening and doesn't attract attention. The form communicates safety and stability whilst reducing the perceived size and visual noise blending into the retail environment. There are no edges that could snag on items of clothing and no 'ride-on' surfaces. The chassis and panel construction enables keyed access to remove strategic keystone panels. This in turn allows adjacent panels to be removed providing secure access to technicians in the field whilst creating a design with no visible screws or access points

  • Commercial Retailers are missing out on nearly 1 trillion dollars of sales by not having correct stock on shelves resulting in missed sales opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. EMA50 enables stores to have the correct inventory in the correct location ready for customers. Environmental EMA50 enables stores to stock the right inventory at the right time. This reduces wasted shopper journeys to store when product is not available or misplaced and reduces waste in-store from products going out-of-date. Accurate inventory management reduces over-ordering with the need for product return and increased ordering system's accuracy enables timely delivery of inventory.

  • Behaviour design communicates robot's intent visually (RGB light strip), audibly (speaker) and kinetically (movement) increasing predictability to nearby shoppers. Onboard processing for real-time actionable instructions. No need for uploading large amounts of raw data to a local server or the cloud for processing so there is less customer infrastructure and cost. Remote management and support. No supervision required. EMA50 undocks, executes scheduled jobs and docks to recharge for the next job without the need for staff intervention. Flexible job scheduling adapts to different store formats and traffic patterns and allows EMA50 to run during the day around shoppers or overnight.