EKOBO Bamboo Cutlery Range

  • 2021

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    Housewares and Objects

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EKOBO Bamboo Cutlery is a beautiful and cohesive cutlery collection using the brand’s signature bamboo biopolymer. With a knife, fork, spoon, small spoon and feeding spoon, this Australian designed range of flexible, hardwearing products can be used at home or on picnics, taken to work or to school.

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  • Alquemy were commissioned to update and expand EKOBO's best-selling cutlery range. The updated design needed to be a contemporary and considered solution to complement EKOBO's design language, and comfortable to use for both children and adults alike.

  • The final collection is a sophisticated and cohesive range of 5 products. The use of soft, fluid mono-volume forms tie's the design language to EKOBO's signature aesthetic whilst defining a new direction for future products. The integration of flat edges around the cutlery improves part trimming and reduces scrap rates. Increased part strength through detail design ensures the cutlery is sturdy and robust whilst still remaining stylish. Handles were generously shaped to make them comfortable for both small and large hands, whilst provide a reassuring weight and sense of quality to the range.

  • This range strives to reduce waste. Half of the biopolymer used is FSC-certified bamboo fiber waste reclaimed from the chopstick industry. Bamboo waste was chosen as it's one of the most renewable resources on the planet and requires no fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide during growth. Mixed with non-toxic, food grade A5 melamine the resulting biopolymer is extremely strong and durable, free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates and heavy metals and food-safe. To further reduce waste a small, flat edge was included into the design to provide a neat trimming edge. This edge improved part quality and significantly reduced part scrap rate.