Edo Streetscape

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Zenith Interiors

Designed In:


Inspired by Tokyo's laneways, Edo Streetscape is flexible office furniture for taming workplace noise. Edo is built with health-friendly materials, built with ethical FSC-certified timber, and built to withstand wasteful fit out churn.

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  • **WELLBEING:** In our hyper-distracted world it can be a challenge to simply focus on the task at hand. Whilst workplaces need to be connected + productive, studies consistently show excessive noise + unwelcome interruption impair concentration + creativity. **ENVIRONMENT:** With the average tenancy fitout lasting 5 -7 years, the environmental + financial cost of fit-out churn is massive. The NSW Environmental Protection Authority estimates 2.5 million sqm of office fitout material is made redundant annually in Sydney alone.

  • **WELLBEING:** Edo uses powerful architectural hacks to build *emotionally intelligent* workplaces: • *taming workplace noise* with soft sound-absorbent fabric screens + canopies. • encouraging *autonomy + freedom* to choose settings suited to the task at hand. • signalling *social boundaries*: "welcome to our 'town square': a place to meet + greet people"; " welcome to our 'library' a place for quiet concentration”; ... **ENVIRONMENT:** • Easily reconfigured to limit fitout churn wastage. • Designed for easy repair + disassembly. • Minimalist design to withstand fast fashion. • 5 year warranty + post-life product stewardship. • Local manufacture = local jobs + skills. **MATERIALS:** • Health-friendly GECA-certified materials. • Forest-friendly FSC timber with documented provenance. • 80% low carbon renewable timber.

  • COMMERCIAL PERFORMANCE: • Zenith is achieving strong sales growth with Edo Streetscape, with professional purchasers welcoming the system's functionality in mitigating workplace noise + distraction. REINVIGORATING LOCAL INDUSTRY: • Against a backdrop of sustained long-term decline in Australian manufacturing, Edo Streetscape supports Zenith in it's efforts rebuild local employment + expertise. BUILDING LOCAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Edo builds upon local competitive advantage in green design, green supply chain management, and premium handcrafted joinery + upholstery. BUILDING SUSTAINABLE CULTURE: • Zenith's corporate leadership in embracing Edo's GECA + FSC certification builds the professional green procurement community, supporting its efforts to discern authentic green performance from corporate "greenwashing".

  • CERTIFIED GREEN CONSTRUCTION: Edo Streetscape's structure is FSC-certified solid oak and FSC-certified engineered wood. FSC certified wood was chosen for: • its independently verified legal provenance • its credible environmental performance as a renewable / low carbon / low eco system impact resource. FUTURE-PROOFING: Component based construction + technology encourages reconfiguration for changing needs, supporting organizations in their solving their future-proofing needs.