EasyDRAIN Edge

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Everhard Industries

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EasyDRAIN Edge is an architectural and sustainable drainage system installed completely underground. Manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled polymer and with no visible grate, the system creates new landscaping opportunities for outdoor areas, without compromising on water collection needs.

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  • As the trend to renovate outside the house is becoming increasingly popular, homeowners are creating outdoor sanctuaries with pools, entertaining areas, and luscious gardens. With this in mind, a correctly installed drainage system is crucial to the safety of the home and environment. Although visible polymer grates still have a place in the market for certain applications, they can hinder a landscape design. Even more so, premium stainless steel options can be expensive and prone to rusting in areas affected by salt and chemicals. Unfortunately, this often results in drainage being overlooked; and with plumbing, prevention and functionality is everything.

  • Creating an architectural drainage system that integrates function and aesthetics was key in the development of EasyDRAIN Edge. For the installer, the system has been designed with click-together technology and moulded outlets to make installation quick and easy. For the homeowner and specifier, the system is rust free, works with all pavers and tiles, and is completely concealed by exposing only a 20mm slot for water capture, ensuring the landscape design and vision is achieved. By using 100% recycled polymer, a cost-effective material, means Edge is budget-friendly and will ensure drainage is at the forefront of landscape design.

  • EasyDRAIN Edge is proudly manufactured by Everhard Industries in Brisbane and is produced using UV stabilised 100% recycled polymer. This type of polymer reduces the need for regular replacements, and allows for the system to be recycled back into the economy instead of going into landfills. By creating a polymer slot drainage system, it encourages builders, landscapers, plumbers, and homeowners to integrate a drainage system into the landscape design, ensuring effective water management around the home and surrounding areas. Using a holistic approach to the design, EasyDRAIN Edge addresses water management issues, environmental impact, manufacturing considerations, and overall consumer experience.

  • - Designed for access and mobility, EasyDRAIN Edge can be converted into an accessible system using the heel-friendly insert. Our system adheres to industry standard AS1428. - The 20mm slot reduces the chance of debris entering the channel. Less debris means minimising the possibility of blockages and mould developing from trapped water, ensuring the functionality of the system is clean and safe. - The system has been designed with an access pit, allowing the consumer to easily access and clean the drainage system. The access pit also acts as a collection point, reducing debris from entering waterways. - Designed with internal and external corner components, EasyDRAIN Edge can be specified and installed to suit any configuration - The 1m channel can be cut down to size to ensure the system can fit the required area - One key design criteria was to maintain the structural integrity of the grate whilst reducing material, waste, and cost throughout the manufacturing process.