:Dsmile Oral Hygiene

  • 2021

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    Housewares and Objects

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Joseph Badr

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:Dsmile is a subscription, home-based and professional 3-step dental health kit. Designed in Australia, this collection takes the simple premise of brush, floss and rinse, and gives it a new spin to optimise everyday dental care. The products are beautifully crafted and designed, with strong formulation, delivery and sustainability.

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Image: Double Alter - Rufus & Cooper
Image: Double starter kit - Rufus & Cooper
Image: Refil pack - Rufus & Cooper
Image: Elements - Charlwood Design
Image: Floss Details - Charlwood Design
Image: Toothbrush details - Charlwood Design
Image: Chapel St Store - Charlwood Design
Image: Starter Pack - Rufus & Cooper
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  • How does Dsmile make a chore an easy habit? Dsmile aims to change the way people look after their teeth day to day, away from the dentist. We transform an everyday routine into a ritual by providing an elevated experience. A Dsmile kit is delivered to every subscriber's door nestled in fully recyclable packaging. Once open, the kit of toothpaste, brush, mouthwash and floss is ready for use and elegant display in your bathroom. Every three months, re-fills will arrive. Professional dental care just like your dentist is now easy at home.

  • We have taken everyday tools out of the cupboard and made them beautiful. We created an alter to your mouth, encouraging you to complete your daily ritual. Each member receives their first Dsmile kit containing two toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss and toothpaste. This kit is automatically replenished quarterly, maximising great dental health through preventative care, minimising risk and potential damage through incorrect product choice or use. Engaging with routine is often the problem. That's why we have worked hard to transform daily dental care into a rewarding experience through great design. Dsmile is your daily ritual for dental health and wellbeing.

  • Australians aged 15+ on average have 12.8 decayed, missing or filled teeth. In 2016-17, about 70,200 hospitalisations for dental conditions could have been prevented with earlier treatment. Dsmile provides online 'live' advice at www.dsmilecare.com.au . Sustainable - The toothbrush handle, mouthwash bottle, floss dispenser and platter are refillable. The toothbrush head is PLA-made and compostable. The kit has no over-mouldings, and all packaging is recycled cardboard. The subscription provides three monthly consumables which are household recyclable. The starter kits and refills are easily assembled by a social enterprise (www.brite.org.au), to empower people with varying abilities by providing an employment pathway.

  • We are not selling consumables, it is about better oral health for the consumer, this is currently be confirmed with 1000-person clinical trial. - The 20ml Mouthwash concentrate replaces, 3600ml of premix, i.e. 7.2 bottles! The consumer supplies the water. - 50m floss reel replaces, 2 x 25m retail packs and packaging - 1 x 130ml toothpaste tube (without cap) replaces 3 retail tubes made with aluminium/polymer composite tubes. Our hole tube hole is Ø5 verse Ø9 giving just the correct amount, 0.5g not 2g. - Replaceable toothbrush heads use 2/3rd of the material 5g versus 15g.