Double Happy Stool Collection

  • 2023

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Nathan Goldsworthy

Designed In:

New Zealand

Double Happy is a collection of stools in three heights made from turned American ash and cast bronze. The simple geometry is complemented by subtle detailing, its weighty materials offering a sturdy, comfortable seat that will endure for generations.

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Image: Toaki Okano
Image: Toaki Okano
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  • A place to sit: It's one of the earliest problems faced by mankind and the primary consideration when seeking rest, so the challenge is not new. The opportunity to innovate is found in making incremental improvements on what has been done before. Whether it's in a restaurant bar or a family kitchen, the humble stool is often subject to extreme wear, while needing to accomodate a wide variety of people, of all ages. The design sets out to provide a versatile, sturdy stool that can tolerate the most demanding daily use, endure through generations, and cater to a wide demograpic.

  • The investigation began in 2011 with a prototype of the low version in aluminium. This was soon rejected in favour of the warmth and weightiness of wood, as well as its availability and ease of manufacturing. While it was always intended there be a range in three sizes, it would be 10 years before the footrest for the high versions was eventually resolved, with the decision that it must be bronze. The design holds with tradition, having the silhouette of an archetypal stool: its four straight legs, elegantly mated to the generously contoured seat lend it an unembellished, universal aesthetic.

  • The most sustainable product is one that doesn't need to be replaced. Products are typically discarded once they are broken, no longer useful, or no longer desirable. The selection and treatment of material is the key to subverting these tendencies. The thick hardwood, and the strength and weight of the bronze make it all but indestructible, while its toy-like, youthful character, and the longevity of the bronze are a bulwark against obsolescence.

  • American Ash is chosen for the body of the stool, a widely available hardwood with a distinctive grain, but light in colour and weight. The seat is 45mm thick, which enables the soft radiused edge, and a 10mm deep scoop in the surface. The edge radius of the seat continues around underneath, providing an ergonomic grip for the hand and fingers for either a one hand or two hand lift. The ash is finished with blend of natural oils. The foot rest is cast in bronze with a high copper content reflecting hues of pink and orange. The bronze is hand-fettled after casting, then shot-blasted to a textured finish. At 2.8kg, its weight anchors the stool, so that when seated, the sensation of stability and the absence of movement is noticeable. H450mm x W360mm 3.8kg H660mm x W360mm 7.4kg 750mm x W360mm 7.8kg