Delta Electronics H8E / H10E Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • 2021

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Delta’s exciting new H8E/10E Hybrid Solar inverter is the first of its kind to truly meet the modern requirements of solar consumers. This low-cost Taiwanese development supports batteries, multiple roof orientations and self-consumption data, including export control.

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  • The Australian domestic solar array has been consistently increasing in size, BUT single phase sites are usually capped at 8kw by limited hardware options. With ever increasing energy prices the homeowner is better served with the largest solar generator possible. Traditional solutions would only suit two to three panel orientations which is limiting, this could deem installations unfeasible or financially out of reach. Our strategy is to "Generate more energy and use more of what you generate". This requires the product to counter the above limitations and deliver special production/consumption analytics for the operator to make educated energy use decisions.

  • The solution was simple. Meet maximum permissible inverter size for single phase (10kVa), 4 x MPPT to service up to four independent orientations, include consumption monitoring and export control to meet local network requirements, eliminate external fans to ensure quiet operation, deliver IP ingress rated rear cable entry using conduit and not plugs to eliminate exposed cable. Then wrap all this in an aesthetically suitable enclosure that is identifiable as an inverter but also be embraced like any other household appliance. Something the majority of inverters have failed to achieve.

  • Traditionally to meet what the H8E/H10E achieves an installer needed to use 2 x individual inverters which increases costs, exposed cabling and difficulty in installation. Sometimes lack of space simply doesn't allow for the extra hardware. Releasing the H8E/H10E has opened up a large amount of installations where it was not previously possible. For roofs experiencing shade and multiple orientation's the 4 x MPPT permitted smarter and higher yielding generation. This means that those who wouldn't have previously gone solar, can now do so. Solar suppliers can now present a solution otherwise unachievable to the consumer.

  • Natural external cooling eliminates the need for external moving parts like cooling fans which reduces noise as well as reduced output if the fan should fail. Delta has embedded an OTA update facility keeping the inverter up to date with the latest requirements experienced in the forever evolving Australian energy network. As advances are made by Delta, we will roll them out to the inverters in the field over their web connection. Incorporating the DC switch internally we eliminate the industry norm of external switches, increasing safety while further reducing costs but also contributing to end aesthetics. Traditionally, energy consumption is an added cost option needing an external power meter installed in the power board. Delta moved this inside the inverter and is now standard at no extra cost. This was to ensure the user can be confident they have the best tools to self consume their energy and see in real time the positive effect solar is having. An internal meter is covered by the inverter warranty as opposed to a lesser accessory warranty offered by competitors. All internal and external packaging is recyclable and does not include any polystyrene due to many residential recycling programs not accepting polystyrene.