De’Longhi Clessidra 2in1 Coffee Brewer

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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Introducing Clessidra, a new state-of-the-art coffee brewer that automatises the slow and aromatic coffee preparation, traditionally obtained with the pour-over method. The unique hourglass design that clearly recalls the ritual of slow coffee preparation and the premium finishing, define an elegant yet functional product with the unmistakable Italian flair.

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  • The challenge was to create an evolution of the drip coffee machine, which incorporated the additional function for the growing trend of pour-over coffee. The user expertise and experience required for the manual pour over method requires very high precision that needed to be eliminated, with the parameters of temperature, saturation time, and ground coffee to water ratio automated for the best in-cup results. Overall, these two coffee functions still needed to fit into a compact countertop appliance, suitable for even compact kitchen sizes.

  • The shape and design of Clessidra was specifically designed to achieve the best results for the pour-over method. With our design we have been able to make high quality coffee in a different way. The heating element is just below the water tank, which is above the carafe. The showerhead has 5 holes ensuring perfect pouring through the coffee powder. The big carafe has a wide warming base, ensuring that the coffee is maintained at the perfect temperature. This design helps to create a compact overall dimension, whilst still maintaining 10 cups capacity.

  • The dual functionality of brewing methods available with Clessidra is the key to its commercial success and positive impact, reaching a wider global audience than a standard drip coffee maker alone. The hourglass design and materials used, together with the automation of a global coffee trend of pour over coffee allows it to be positioned in the mid-high end of the drip coffee market. De’Longhi’s innovation in this coffee machine segment also assists in strengthening the overall coffee portfolio.

  • Automated Pour-over: Clessidra has automatically replicated the pour over method at the touch of a button providing consumers to master a traditionally difficult process. Engineered to create a slower brewing process that pulses through the large showerhead, resulting in an intense and aromatic flavour. ECBC Certified Brewing System: Thanks to its high precision brewing technology, Clessidra has earned the certification from European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) for ensuring the perfect flavour extraction according to the highest quality standards, based on the 3 key parameters: Infusion Temperature – maintains an optimal brewing temperature of 92-96°C Saturation Time – controls water contact times, brewing time between 4-6 minutes Ground Coffee to Water Ratio – 7.5 grams per 125ml Large Capacity: With a 1.25L water tank, the glass carafe can prepare up to 10 cups capacity. Integrated Warming Plate: A heating element underneath the glass carafe operates to keep brewed coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.