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DecoDeck is a revolutionary timber-look aluminium decking system by DECO Australia. Replicating the feel, form and appearance of natural timber, DecoDeck provides a super durable, low-maintenance decking designed for Australian conditions. Made from 100% non-combustible aluminium, DecoDeck provides a sustainable decking solution for bushfire zones, coastal areas and commercial walkways.

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Image: DecoDeck Bushland Installation- DECO Australia
Image: DecoDeck Poolside Installation - Ausmar Homes
Image: DecoDeck Ocean Installation - Mooloolaba QLD, DECO Australia
Image: DecoDeck Components - Jonathan Wong and Richard Hamber
Image: DecoDeck Installation Trimming - DECO Australia
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  • DECO Australia aimed to help builders and homewoners solve common problems associated with timber and timber-alternative decking, such as deterioration, twisting and warping, particularly in areas with high levels of sunlight or salt spray. The ongoing, costly maintenance of timber decks also needed to be addressed, as well as the need to satisfy mandatory building codes in high-risk bushfire areas that dictate non-combustible products must be used. DECO’s design brief aimed to create a bushfire-safe decking product that replicated the natural beauty of timber, whilst eliminating the common issues and ongoing maintenance of traditional timber decking.

  • DECO’s design team worked to develop a superior decking product to timber and composite products, to eliminate associated issues such as deterioration, combustion and damage from sun, salt and moisture. This involved fashioning a decking board from dimensionally-stable, strong and non-combustible aluminium. Two aluminium decking board profiles were designed in conjunction with accessories such as clips, end caps and a joiner to create a complete, easy-to-install decking system. Lastly, a non-combustible, UV-stable polyurethane powder coating with a rubber additive and sublimated timber grain was selected as a slip-resistant and durable finish against a range of common Australian environmental conditions.

  • DecoDeck is an easy-to-install decking system with a durable, low-maintenance and slip-resistant finish that is an ideal option for less abled communities. The realistic timber appearance adds aesthetic elements to a building, while the product’s longevity increases a home or business’s appeal and value. DecoDeck offers environmental advantages by reducing the need for timber logging and the energy consumption needed to manufacture new products. DecoDeck aluminium boards are also fully recyclable at the end of their life. While timber decks require regular staining and oiling, releasing dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, DecoDeck’s powder coat finish is VOC-free.

  • The DecoDeck system includes long, light-weight aluminium decking boards in two widths and a simple, yet clever fixing connector to allow for quick and easy installation. The connector and screw system allows the deck to be installed to either a timber or metal subframe, permits for board expansion and contraction, and ensures evenly spaced boards with hidden fixings. Due to the strength of the aluminium boards, the supporting structure can be built with supports at 600mm centres, instead of the normal 450mm centres required for timber and composite materials. The DecoDeck joiner allows the decking boards to be joined off-joist, virtually eliminating wastage. To provide complete non-combustibility and to reach the highest bushfire attack rating, BAL FZ, the aluminium decking board has been designed to allow for a cover strip to be slid between each board, covering gaps to ensure embers don’t fall between the boards. To achieve a natural timber aesthetic, DecoDeck utilises a photo-imaging sublimation technology to impregnate realistic woodgrain images into a durable textured powder coat finish. The slip-resistant finish is tested to P4 slip rating, enabling its safe use as an outdoor decking system in wet areas, such as around pools, spas or by the beach.