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DECO Australia

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DecoCeiling is an innovative ceiling system that combines the lightweight nature of conventional ceiling panels with the fire-resistant properties of aluminium. With acoustic performance from CSR Martini backings, easy installation and a range of finishes and designs for creative freedom, this Australian designed product offers aesthetics, usability and durability for a variety of projects.

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  • DECO sought to create a non-combustible ceiling panel that also replicated the appearance of timber - although many timber ceiling panels exist, these do not necessarily meet National Construction Code requirements for fire safety. In addition, DECO sought to increase both the acoustic and aesthetic potential of ceiling panels and offer a customisable system to the market that could add a new dimension to commercial projects, from store fitouts to offices. DECO aimed to create a ceiling panel that broke the conventions of plasterboard panels and opened commercial projects up to achieve greater potential.

  • DECO's designers worked to develop an easy-install ceiling panel system, featuring a track system and lightweight panels that were also customisable and fire safe. As a lightweight and non-combustible material, aluminium panels met this brief perfectly, and when finished with a sublimated, powder coat finish, could be made to replicate a variety of designs, from timber-look to concrete-look, marble-look, rust-look and plain colour finishes. By offering a variety of perforation options and patterns, even greater design flexibility was achieved. Adding a CSR Martina acoustic performance backing also allowed DecoCeiling to offer acoustic performance that could be tailored to any specification.

  • DecoCeiling offers a lightweight, simple installation process, as well as fire safety, improving quality of life both for installers and occupants of the finished building. Its commercial impact is significant, as it offers businesses the opportunity to create a ceiling that reflects their brand ethos and aesthetic, as well as offering acoustic performance to either enhance sound in performance-related buildings such as auditoriums, or reduce it in buildings such as libraries. As a recyclable material, which releases no VOCs unlike PVC and other panels, DecoCeiling offers a positive environmental impact, and reduces the need for logging to create timber panels.

  • DecoCeiling is a complete ceiling system which offers flexibility and longevity. A hanging ceiling system with folded panels, it works with a custom T-track system and adjustable spring clip hangers, which can alter the ceiling level as required. This track system is also concealed once the panels are installed. Panels can be easily placed into the system and removed to access ceiling fixtures such as air conditioning, fire suppression systems, electrical wires and plumbing. The ceiling panels can be customised with a variety of different perforated designs, as well as with holes to incorporate ceiling fixtures and fittings such as sprinkler heads. With 30 different timbergrain finishes available as well as other finishes, DecoCeiling can be customised to suit specific project needs. Both classic and contemporary designs are available, to transform commercial spaces and achieve the right aesthetic. DecoCeiling is designed to be used with CSR Martini's Acoustic Backing products, offering different levels of acoustic performance to suit project specifications, by allowing sound to be trapped by this acoustic blanket. This acoustic performance feature also doubles as insulation. Made from solid, folded aluminium panels, DecoCeiling is non-combustible and safe for use in projects where non-combustible materials are required.