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The renewed 2020 DAF XF and CF model range sets a new benchmark for excellence in safety, fuel efficiency, driver comfort and exterior styling for the Australian heavy-duty truck market.

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  • 1/ Improved driver and road user safety. 2/ fuel efficiency gains from the engine, transmission, rear axle, electronic programming, aerodynamics and driver coaching. 3/ Improved driver comfort from interior cab design, dash board layout, HVAC controls, interior lighting controls and interior trim materials/colourings. 4/ Fresh new cab styling with a focus on aerodynamics.

  • 1/ The DAF XF and CF are fitted with active safety features that protect the driver and other road users in emergency situations and help avoid emergency situations by alerting the driver. A 10% or great reduction in fuel consumption has been gained over the previous model as well as the introduction of Euro 6 emissions prior to government mandates and 20 more horsepower. Driver comfort has improved reducing driver fatigue. A fresh new cab/truck design helps to easier identify the new model from the previous models, whilst contributing 1% fuel efficiency gains.

  • These new models have won numerous awards for performance, reliability, driver safety and comfort, fuel efficiency and aftersales support throughout Europe since their release in 2018. Awards have included; XF - 2019 Fleet Truck of the Year Award by MT Awards in the United Kingdom, XF - 2018 Truck of the Year Award by Export & Freight Transport and Logistics Awards in Northern Ireland, XF and CF - 2018 International Truck of the Year Award, and in the same year, Truck of the Year Awards in Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

  • A key safety design feature of the XF and CF model range is the Protective Cab Suspension and Construction system. The energy-absorbing cab suspension and reinforced cab structure has pre-programmed front and rear crumple zones to provide industry-leading vehicle safety and passenger protection. The front mechanical mounting system has a shear hinge device that will allow the cab to move backwards along the chassis to partly absorb a frontal collision impact, without detaching from the chassis rail to further protect the driver and passenger.