Cycliq Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE

  • 2018

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    Consumer Electronics

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Cycliq’s Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE represent a complete redesign of the world's first unified camera and light for cyclists. Improved optics capture action footage and incidents with HD clarity. User-experience is enhanced with 'Incident Protection' recording, 'Home Safe' power management, and wireless connectivity with bike computers and smartphone apps.

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  • The design brief for Cycliq's new range of products involved responding to: 1. customer feedback for smaller and lighter weight products, with a direct correlation to design quality and engineering improvements 2. technology push, and a move away from complex hardware-focused tasks to simple user-focused interactions, especially related to controlling the lights and cameras when cycling 3. need for higher quality footage and recordings, especially for incident reports when the clarity and accuracy of license plate images are pertinent to investigations.

  • The new range prioritize lighter weight and smaller size over longer battery life, resulting in up to 20% weight reduction. The new batteries still provide up to 8 hours of run time to outlast most rides. The new ANT+ connectivity to Garmin computers allow on-the-fly, touchscreen control of lighting profiles. Synchronized start/stop ensures that the cameras are rolling and the lights are bright when on-the-move. The cameras now record up to 1080p at 60fps. HDR mode helps prevent over- and under-exposed footage in mixed light conditions, and increased coverage of 135° field-of-view on the Fly6 CE ensures nothing is missed.

  • With an emphasis on road safety, the products key purpose is to capture a cyclist’s journey in its entirety, and preserve any incident should it occur. Internal accelerometers detect if the rider has had an accident, and the units automatically go into “Incident Protection” mode, saving the preceding and current segments of footage whilst continuing to record for another 30 mins. This allows recordings of both pre- and post-incident footage and audio, which is often pertinent to investigations. When batteries run low, “Home Safe” mode directs power from the camera to the lights to ensure the rider reaches home safely.

  • The Cycliq range, and their companion smartphone and desktop apps were designed to ensure a seamless user experience. Hardware and software workflows were designed with user-journeys mapped to remove pain-points, and ensure cyclists are confident that critical moments are captured. Bluetooth wirelessly connects with the CycliqPlus mobile app for convenient off-the-bike adjustments. At home, the units connect to Mac or PC via USB, where the CycliqPlus desktop software's suite of easy-to-use tools let users edit footage from their rides for social sharing. Cycliq has collaborated with leading sports social sharing platform, Strava, to enable riders' metrics such as heart rate, speed and power to be overlaid onto ride footage. This adds an exciting dynamic to the sharing of clips as riders compare individual performance with their peers. The design of the Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE were refined to ensure form, materials and finishes fitted with the understanding that cyclists take pride in curating their bike components. Careful consideration was given to branding and detailing to subtly highlight the technology-infused nature of the products. Bike attachments have been made easier with a new 1/8th-turn quick-release mounting system. A range of versatile mounting solutions and accessories allow flexibility to individual set-ups.