CS60 Series Companion Scanner

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Innovation and Design

Designed In:

United States of America

The CS60 is a cordless handheld barcode scanner designed for Retail, Logistic, and Healthcare environments.

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  • The CS60 is Zebra's next generation companion barcode scanner. The focus of the program was to design a single scanner that would continue to meet retail and logistic customer needs and help grow our Healthcare market share. Cost and reliability are key drivers for retail and logistic customers. For our healthcare customers, the key drivers are ergonomics and being easy to clean and disinfect. There is a need for in hand use and hands free operation, along with the freedom of cordless and the lower cost potential of a corded version.

  • With a focus on HC markets, we included two new technologies for Zebra - contactless charging and inductive touch buttons and molded the housing with minimal part-lines to reduce areas for dirt to collect. We build an ecosystem of accessories to meet our individual business verticals' needs. A silicone sleeve attached to a retractable lanyard for easy carrying. A presentation stand for handsfree corded operation. A Presentation / Charge cradle that can be mounted to a healthcare workstation. A single contactless charge cup with spare battery charger, and 4 slot scanner and 4 slot battery charges for customers with multiple deployments.

  • The user-friendly form factor and wide ecosystem of accessories should ensure that zebra is able to take significant market share in the Healthcare space.

  • The CS60 brought many new challenges to Zebra's development teams. The monocoque housing, inductive touch switches, and contactless charging were very challenging for our design and manufacturing teams. We persevered through these challenges to create a class leading product with significant customer focused advantages. The CS60 looks like a simple little scanner but there is a lot of new and powerful technology under its hood.