Coilklik Hinges

  • 2020

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    Hardware and Building

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Safetech Hardware

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Safetech’s Coilklik horizontal adjustment design uses a coil-based system allowing simple adjustment with our allen-key. Simply insert the allen-key and “klik” to precisely adjust the horizontal line-up of the gate latching mechanism with the latch post or to adjust the self-closing tension.

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Image: Coilklik - Safetech Hardware Australia
Image: Coilklik - Safetech Hardware Australia
Image: Coilklik - Safetech Hardware Australia
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  • The Coilklik's revolutionary design simplifies one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks associated with correctly installing gates, allowing the perfect lineup of the latching mechanism components. The new CoilKLIK gate hinge solves this with amazing ease – even if the fence’s hinge and/or latch posts are not perfectly parallel or have dropped over time, this can be easily adjusted with our unique coil spring system.

  • The project asked the question, can we make a hinge that makes the DIY home-owner an expert installer? The Coilklik achieves this by allowing for alignment mistakes to be quickly negated with a quick & simple allen key adjustment. Ongoing maintenance is also a breeze, when the ground moves and posts drop, no need to re-hang the gate, let the Coilklik take up the slack for you.

  • The commercial benefits of this product lie in the time-saving features for the professional fencing contractor. Alignment issues can be resolved quickly - and time is money. Any tradesman will tell you that getting in and out quickly and reducing call-backs can only help them grow their business. Handing over the easy to use allen-key tool to adjust the hinge tension or adjust the alignment reduces time consuming call backs from customers and allows the DIY installer to become an expert

  • Patented self-adjustment feature allows you to tighten (or loosen) the tension on the hinge at any time with the allen key provided