Cleancut Concrete Saw

  • 2020

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    Commercial and Industrial

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The Clean Cut Road Saw is a significant advance and generational change for concrete saws on a global scale. It includes a unique Slurry Recycling System that significantly reduces water feed. Silica dusting is eliminated and clean-up costs are reduced. The saw’s patented lifting mechanism also reduces operator lifting moment significantly.

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  • ADDRESS THE EXTREME ERGONOMIC RISK OF EXISTING SAWS. All large mobile Road Saws on the market today transfer their weight horizontally towards the operator when the blade is raised for realignment. As a result, these saws are extremely heavy when raised for turning and have low traction when lowered for cutting. ADDRESS SLIPPING HAZARDS. Excessive slurry exudate causes slipping hazards. ADDRESS SLURRY CLEAN-UP. Slurry clean-up adds significant cost to most concrete sawing jobs. Fines are imposed if slurry runs down drains. ADDRESS AIRBORNE EXPOSURE HAZARD. Contractors routinely reduce water feed to avoid clean-up costs creating airborne exposure/Silica dust risk.

  • LIFTING ADVANTAGE Cleancut's patented lifting mechanism means that the mass of the saw moves vertically when the blade is raised for turning. The operators lift can be controlled and reduced from the current 100+kg to less than 40kg at all times. SLIPPING Due to its unique design the Cleancut Saw can also be built as a 4-wheel drive, eliminating slipping. SLURRY RECYCLING/AIRBORNE EXPOSURE Cleancut's patented Slurry Recycling System recycles slurry and water to the blade 4 times. Water flow required for dust free cutting is reduced from the standard 10 l/m to 2.5 l/m saving clean-up cost and eliminating dusting.

  • SOCIAL IMPACT Large concrete saws are generally operated by young males due to the extreme lifts required. The innovative design of the Cleancut Saw will open this area of employment to females and older males. Reduced Back injuries. COMMERCIAL IMPACT We expect the Cleancut Saw to lead a global generational change in the concrete cutting industry. Customers should benefit from lower clean-up costs as well as significant ergonomic, slipping, and other WorkSafe advantages. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT The innovative design of the Slurry Recycling System prevents slurry in drains and dusting and ensures cleaner, safer work sites. Tier 4 emissions reduce pollution.

  • LESS VIBRATION; The blades on existing Saws of this size are generally belt driven for cost reasons. For this reason, vibration mounts cannot be used on the motor as these would result in excessive belt wear. The Cleancut Team chose to drive the blade hydraulically. This meant that vibration mounts could be used which increases machine and blade life as well as eliminating vibration issues for the operator. An added advantage is that blade speed (Gear) can be changed incrementally on the dash while the saw is cutting. Cutting speed and blade life are maximized. Cleancut appears to have preempted the market as Europe is now moving to hydraulic drive for the above reasons. TIGER EYE SIGHTING SYSTEM Cleancut's unique design allows use of this system for the first time. It eliminates the need for long cumbersome pointers and means jobs will not need to be marked out in most cases. 4-WHEEL DRIVE The patented design allows 4-Wheel Drive eliminating slipping and enables the use of long lasting polyurethane wheels. DUAL RAMS Reduce blade jamming etc. as the blade is always raised without twisting. LARGER BLADES Larger blades can be used on shorter machines due to the patented lifting mechanism.