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  • 2019

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New Zealand

Highly regarded, designer, architect and racer, Michael Pryde opened the next chapter of his life with the birth of a brave new bike brand Chapter2. A growing acceptance of direct to consumer online sales within cycling gave Michael the confidence to develop a brand that would appeal around the world.

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  • Design a lightweight aerodynamic carbon fibre structure that meets international safety and UCI standards that could be raced on the road, individual time trials (against the clock), and triathlons without compromise whilst being compatible with the latest components such as electronic shifting and disc brakes. The design also had to connect with cyclists emotionally with an overall package that created a unique visual appeal through tube profiles and highly differentiated graphic solutions, yet has a silhouette that cyclists were familiar with.

  • By crafting each tube section of the RERE full-aero frame, and introducing custom designed features such as a reversible seat post, integrated fork crown, hidden seat clamp and direct mounted brakes, the design team were able to attain the desirable aesthetic and aerodynamic drag co-efficiency - the latter verified by the Auckland University and proven by on-road testing and racing. Chapter2’s chosen distribution strategy offers a unique customer experience, providing a bike fitting service via the website and delivering extra value by removing layers of distribution. Framesets are delivered by C2’s Service partners, providing a localised experience.

  • Year one projected sales was for 275 frame units. Chapter 2 have sold over 1,000 units, generating revenue of NZD $3M . They achieved distribution across 16 countries and sold bikes to 35 countries around the globe. The brand has been consistently featured in a number of high profile print and online publications, and the bikes were used in social media by some of the largest manufacturers in the industry including Campagnolo, the third largest component manufacturer behind Shimano and SRAM.

  • ‘The Road Less Travelled’ was established as a brand idea and a Maori Illustrator, Mohi Toko, was commissioned to develop a visual story that could bring it to life. Emphasising the birthplace and origin of the brand. The Chapter2 restrained graphics were designed to compliment the bike frames clean lines and technically advanced construction. The attention to product detail has been consistently applied to packaging as well as the online ecommerce experience . Rider and media feedback has been extremely positive. Michael Torckler, 2nd at Elite Nationals commented “This bike feels fast, slippery fast, with a ride that is extremely smooth and stable. I’ve found these qualities are fully appreciated while descending and cornering where the RERE provides confidence that it will go where you want it too, you feel you can push beyond old limits. The smoothness of the ride is actually appreciated everywhere though, you notice the difference and it makes every ride enjoyable”.