Chandelier – Coliseum Theatre

  • 2020

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Collisuem Theatre@WestHQ

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Anything but old fashioned, our chandelier delivers a sense of grandeur & is the focal point of the West HQ main entry atrium. The team considered the size, form & finish of its elements, which are dynamically & subtly revealed under a variable lighting system, so they simultaneously appear substantial and almost invisible.

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Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
Image: Cox Architecture
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  • Provide a focal point for the entry of a theatre, a space over twenty metres high, entered at mid-level, required a bold yet balanced solution. The space has strong, clean lines and the challenge was to present a consistent form when the chandelier was seen from multiple viewing levels & angles. The feature had to be consistent across its length, of sufficient volume to fill the large three level void, whilst being transparent enough to not heavily impose on the space. The form had to diffuse and reflect daylight and at night respond to variable lighting effects with minimal glare & maintenance.

  • The team examined various forms & materials, lighting & cabling systems in developing a solution that would look different by day and night yet not appeared flawed if a lamp failed. Light emitting, diffusing and refracting elements where considered before we settled on using traditional crystal elements. We experimented and modelled various sizes & combinations to arrive at the selected solution and chose to downlight the crystals. By varying the angles of the downlights, their colour and sequencing we are able to light the bar below, the chandelier itself and the space surrounding it. The solution offers thousands of settings & effects.

  • The photos tell the ive run out of time to tell ours fully.

  • The chandelier was developed using extensive 3D and light accurate modelling provided by light modelling specialists Light check. A sample of a single crystals was 3D scanned and modelled then each crystal added to a model of the chandelier to consider options of size, weight, diffusion, spacing, layout and drop. Once the form was agreed extensive testing of samples followed to confirm our selections were correct. The lighting was then modelled, tested and developed to allow a wide range of effects to be achieved as well as revealing the chandelier evenly over its entire extent. All this was designed to complement the ceilings and space by Cox Architectures team. Yellow Goat developed wire fixings to suspend the crystals in place and mocked up a full-size prototype to test alignment and suspension systems so the crystals could be located vertically within 2mm and so strands could be removed / replaced easily. During the mock-up testing we also trailed various wire thicknesses to minimise its visibility. Parallel to this factory testing lighting systems were tested for brightness and programming options developed for assembly. the entire unit was assembled at Yellow Goat for final testing then disassembled, shipped to site and installed.