Ceres Tag – Animal Monitoring Technology

  • 2021

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Ceres Tag is one of the world’s most comprehensive animal monitoring platforms. We are the world’s first direct to satellite animal information platform. Our proprietary smart ear tag monitors for biosecurity, health, welfare, performance and traceability provenance of the supply chain network including theft detection.

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Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Tags in 24x Product Box
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Applicator Box and Components
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Applicator Features
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Loading the Tag Applicator
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Tag applied on Ear
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Heard now individually tagged and traced
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Remote access and monitoring
Image: Credit | Ceres Tag - Smart Livestock Tag
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  • The big design challenge Ceres Tag addresses is the need for producers needs to deliver more Food, Fibre and Fodder to a growing global population whilst suffering reduced access to arable land and fresh water. So at a top level, Ceres Tag is helping with the problem of Farming Efficiency. At lower levels and more specifically to livestock management, animal protein supply chain logistics and the demands of modern consumers all require new levels of transparency, traceability and provenance. No other Smart Tag Information Platform exists with a series of communication technologies that allows this seamless paddock to plate traceability.

  • Ceres Tag requires no infrastructure, no maintenance, no subscription and no battery replacement. Ceres Tag will operate in nearly any environment. The automated, plug and play, direct to satellite, information platform with e-commerce purchasing from the website will deliver a proven and tested product ready for market. Aside from soon becoming the worlds first and only accredited smart tag the Ceres system provides the following features and benefits: GPS Tracking>Animal Breakouts/Theft Alerts Asset Registers>Finance/Insurance Land utilisation/Carbon Farming Mustering Assistance Traceability/Provenance 10+ year lifespan/No battery change (solar energy) Algorithm updates available RFID for National traceability Health/Biosecurity markers Heat tolerance

  • Environmentally, Ceres Tag allows farms to understand livestock habits and proactively manage their resources. This data feedback is critical in optimised regenerative Farming and sustainable agriculture. Farming is an unpredictable and tough job. Farmers are more at risk of suicide than other occupations in Australia. Ceres Tags positive social impact provides, incredible levels of relief and efficiency regarding on farm animal health, location and security. Beyond the direct commercial benefits of remote security, health and supply chain traceability, Ceres Tags encrypted tracking provides proof of on farm livestock assets opening up lines of much needed finance and insurance protection.

  • Despite on board Batteries, Solar Panel and the Twin Pin Back Plate design, the Tag only weighs 35g. Marginally bigger than a match box, the combination of CSIRO technology combined with world class industrial design process has resulted in a industry leading product with a 10+ year lifespan. The advanced twin metal pin Back Plate design results in a painless application but with over 5x on ear retention strength when benchmark tested. Bright LEDs provide activation feedback but also can be used to help identify and camp draft cattle in the yard. The Ceres Tag Smart Applicator is a light weight, precise, ergonomically adjustable tool for all farmers to use all day long. Die-cast from premium Aluminium Alloys the applicator only weighs 600 grams and is easy to clean and maintain. The Applicator is provided in its own specifically designed carry case which includes a calibration test tag and spares for the rubber jaw grips. Tagging hundreds of head of cattle with traditional tags results in a significant amount of unwanted plastic waste. As a result, all of the Ceres Tag System packaging is designed to be manufactured from non toxic, recycled cardboard that is home compostable and biodegradable.