‘Centsitive Objects’ Payment Wearables By Hayden Cox

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Westpac Banking Corporation

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Wearable, multifunctional, battery-free accessories that house a Westpac contactless payment chip so people can carry less and ‘tap + pay’ for their everyday items on the go – hands-free. The range consists of five unique water resistant designs suited to the every day Australian lifestyle.

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  • Over 80% of Australians use 'tap and pay' daily. The challenge was to create a collection of accessories that make contactless payments more convenient, are wearable (hands-free) simplistic in design, high quality, battery-free and priced under $30 each. The designs should cater to a multitude preferences ie. visibility when wearing, security, ease of use as well as multi-functionality and ability to be worn in a variety of ways. The target market is millennials / early adopters, however, should be suitable for all Australians and active lifestyles. The range needed to include a wristband style of item and a watch band attachment.

  • All prototypes in the collection were made by hand & tested by me everyday for around 6 months prior presenting to Westpac. I quickly identified that the hero product (wristband), 'Band + Chain', should be a "gateway" product to ease the consumer into the concept of a wearable tap + pay accessory. A multifunctional eco-friendly keychain that converted into a waterproof wristband not only gave the user more value, but was an item thats is easy to use/locate when attached to house/car keys. The other items - Incognito Pin, Patch + Keeper & Nostalgia Pin were designed around minimalistic aesthetic, subtle visibility & multi attachment functionality.

  • The battery-free nature of the project appealed to me. Consumers can tap + pay using smart phones, however not everyone can afford these nor does it suit certain generations. Today consumers have their heads buried in their devices daily & after testing these myself firsthand, I felt less of a need to carry not only my wallet, but also my phone during certain activities. Design that encourages society to be more present creates a positive impact. Using a recycled fabric in the hero product wasn't in the brief, however sustainability should ALWAYS be a consideration when designing and creating products today.

  • Band + Chain; made using Econyl (recycled nylon-spandex created from discarded fishing nets) is a keychain with a multi-functional strap that can be worn as a wristband (waterproof) ideal for exercise, surfing, swimming etc. Slimline keeper + Patch; Minimalist in design, the silicone keeper affixes to any watch-strap or exercise band & is made from a high grade silicone that grips to the chip holding it firmly in place. The iron/sew on patch is an ‘out of site’ wearable made from screen printed cotton and includes an internal silicone lined pocket to grip to the chip. It's worn on a range of clothing or accessories items - sleeve, hat, jacket lining. Nostalgia Pin; The silicone keeper grips to the chip & sits out of sight beneath the fabric with only the safety pin visible from the exterior. Attach it like a brooch to items convenient to reach and pay with- sleeve, a hat, tote. Incognito pin; ultra-minimalist, suited for those opting for subtlety. The silicone keeper grips to the chip & sits out of sight and beneath the fabric with a brass bolt that pieces through and screws into a half sphere dome or lightning bolt topper (4 options included).ie. Tap + Pay with your cufflink.