• 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies

Designed In:

United States of America

CC6000 and CC600, the new generation of customer concierge are designed for giving customers the best of online and in-store shopping, with the convenient self-service capabilities customers expect, and more. The latest technologies with a user-friendly and flexible design make CC600 and CC6000 fit for any customer-facing environment.

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  • The retail industry is facing challenges from providing a variety of customer-facing services, such as personalized experience for customers, Omnichannel like buy online and pick up in store, seamless connecting online experience and in-store experience. There is a need for a solution that is flexible and user-friendly to support retail, hospitality, healthcare and others to improve their variety of customer-facing service in any modern and future environments. At the detail level, converting the latest technologies into a user-friendly form that can fit in any customer-facing environment and solution for use cases is a challenge to our design team.

  • CC6000 and CC600 are designed as flexible and user-friendly solutions. With its flexibility, CC6000, the 10-inches touchscreen model, provides flexible presentation modes that allow users to provide service to the shopper for its best fit. The small footprint of CC600, the 5-inches touchscreen model, makes it be mounted at any location. With the smooth transition from touch screen housing to data capture scanners, both models provide a shopper-friendly form factor. Shoppers are able to quickly know how to interact with them. With the latest technologies and those features, CC600 and CC6000 are capable to provide a variety of customer-facing services.

  • As the new generation of concierge-style kiosks, CC6000 and CC600 provide a seamless connection between the online experience and in-store experience. It supports retail, hospitality, and healthcare business to provide personalized customer-facing services. With its self-service technologies, and user and shopper friendly design, it helps workers to save more time on performing important task those keep the store running smoothly. All these mean a competitive advantage for companies in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries. They bring enormous benefits such as increasing customer satisfaction, delivering unparalleled services to shoppers, and increases productivity.

  • The modularity design of CC6000, including its scanner, allows users to present contents as portrait or landscape mode for i best fit. CC600 and CC6000 both provide cable management features behind the devices for a clean look.