Cat® GRADE with Assist

  • 2017

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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Caterpillar Inc.

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Cat® GRADE with Assist is a revolution in machine control as it brings grading speed and accuracy to a new standard by automating boom and bucket movements typically achieved by the operator. This semi-autonomous system significantly reduces manual inputs, errors, and fatigue — improving grading consistency for operators at all levels.

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  • The Cat® GRADE with Assist system is as simple as it is effective. The operator enters depth and slope values into the display, presses auto, and when the cutting edge reaches target, the system locks onto grade and automatically adjusts boom elevation up/down and bucket in/out movements to maintain constant grade. As a result the operator can: Reach Target grade faster - As much as 45% faster than traditional grading. Work confidentially without guesswork - Grade to exact specification without overcutting or rework; reduce passes and speed time to completion. Minimise site costs - Reduce staking; eliminate grade checkers and delays; save time, labour, fuel, machine wear and material cost.

  • This semi-autonomous system does the precision work by automatically controlling boom and bucket movements. The operator simply controls stick speed with only one hand using a single lever for precise control with less effort and fatigue, all shift long. As a result the operator can: Get more done with less - Automated adjustments complete the precision work; the operator simply controls the speed with one joystick. Work with more accuracy - Up to 30% faster than Grade guidance technology. Improve focus - Less time trying to navigate both joysticks; simply use one joystick to control the speed of stick in function. Boost productivity on the job - Reducing operation time by cutting the grade faster.

  • The operator sets the desired excavator bucket angle and the system automates adjustments to maintain the precise cutting angle throughout the cut. When the operator manually readjusts the angle, the system recalls and maintains the last saved value. As a result the operator can: Minimise operation costs - Spend less effort and time when performing angled precision grading. Work more confidently - Knowing you can get to an angled grade faster and more accurately.

  • Prevents the excavator bucket cutting edge from penetrating below the desired grade, eliminating the chance of overcutting and rework. This will save excavator operational time on the jobsite which translates into less fuel burned and saved cost. As a result the operator can: Eliminate grading error - protected from cutting through the chosen grade profile. Reduce rework - Save time when getting to grade the 1st time, every time. Save on operational cost - With no need to redo a cut, the operator is saving money as a result of burning less fuel whilst also reducing emissions.

    Prevents any part of the boom, stick and bucket from going above or below a pre-set elevation, protecting the machine and operator from obstacles and hazards like ceilings, overpasses and above-and below-ground utilities like water pipes, gas pipes and power lines. As a result the operator can: Perform tasks with increased safety - Remove the risk from on-site hazards Eliminate operational accidents - Protect feature will not allow the excavator front structure to come into contact with objects outside of the designated working zone

    A fingertip trigger on the joystick enables the operator to quickly override the auto functionality. As a result the operator can: Penetrate grade when needed - This allows the operator to break grade in a controlled measure Have increased functionality - This ultimately gives the operator the freedom to manage where and when they need to follow or break grade to meet design.