Carbon Tile

  • 2021

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Carbon Craft Design

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Carbon Tile is the first tile made with upcycled carbon. These Indian designed tiles use recovered carbon waste as a resource to prevent air pollution at scale, making them the solution for architects, businesses and end customers to help tackle climate action.

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Image: Handcrafted, plain and patterned CarbonTiles
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  • Once in a LIfetime Pandemic has costed 3.1M lives until now and Air pollution claims 7M lives EVERY YEAR. Air pollution is a large-scale global problem that we experience locally. While there are multiple sources of pollution, carbon waste from factories could be repurposed into products to prevent air pollution.

  • We create positive climate impact by preventing air pollution from happening by up-cycling carbon waste from various factories to make handcrafted tiles. We fuse local traditional craftsmanship with material innovation to produce these tiles with a vision of Craft against Climate Change. In essence, Carbon Tile is innovative for the following: 1)Functional, value-added use case for recovered carbon waste which would have been burnt otherwise 2)Environmental solution developed through social inclusivity Our tiles are completely handcrafted for the interior applications from floors to walls. Artisans replicate the unique tile patterns by taking inspiration from various Indian cities & industries.

  • We focus on two major impact calculations: - Social - Environmental Every sqft is equivalent to preventing the effect of 25 kgCO2e (according to calculations based on GEF report on Black Carbon). An average apartment uses 500 sqft of tiles which can prevent over 12 tCO2e. On the other hand, we employ 200 year old handcrafted terrazzo tile-making technique which requires only 1/5th the energy consumed by the conventional tiles At the moment we are able to employ 5 artisans and look to build a community of 50 skilled artisans by the end of the year to build and deploy more CarbonTiles.

  • Since the inception of our journey in 2019, we have focused and built a 3 stage proprietary method of Collect-Process-Build to upcycle recovered carbon black (rCB) in the form of Carbon Tile which is now a market-validated commercial product. This fresh perspective is game-changing for two reasons: Functional, value-added use case for rCB which would have been burnt otherwise & environmental solution developed through social inclusivity India has untapped potential of skilled artisans. We used their generational know-how to solve new age problems like air pollution which has been only tried to solve through technology. That is achieved through our core principle of Craft against Climate Change aimed to develop craft based environmentally conscious products in enabling every consumer to take climate action. We employ a 200 year old tradition to upcycle waste marble pieces by the then marble polishers to provide higher quality flooring at affordable prices. The local community of tile craftsmen in Gujarat supported in recreating their craftsmanship to solve global problems like air pollution and Climate Change from a local standpoint.