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With a geometric look that’s both elegant and ergonomic, Bull Pull provides a high-end solution for sliding or hinged doors. This Australian designed product is ideal for residential and hospitality settings, offering a concealed flush door with an integrated look.

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  • In early 2020 we discovered a gap in the market for an integrated concealed flush pull that looks as if it was manufactured as part of the door itself. In addition, the market lacked easy-to-use door hardware that would allow sliding doors to recess all the way back into the pocket cavity and easily and ergonomically be pulled back out for use. Our goal was to create a one-piece, minimalistic design that would speak to this void while also offering an innovative magnetic privacy function.

  • Inspired by the industrial-chic beauty of contemporary warehouse conversions, Bull Pull's geometry resembles that of structural beams. With a focus on vertical lines, the seamless design is both simple yet strikingly bold. It offers designers a one-piece solution that looks as if it was part of the door from the onset. Offered in both passage and privacy options, it functions as both a flush pull and an edge pull for sliding (pocket) doors. Privacy models incorporate an innovative magnetic locking mechanism for added ease of use.

  • Bull Pull's significance in the architectural hardware niche is two-fold. First off, it's a striking visual presence when the door is both opened and closed. While its linear, rectangle design is the epitome of simplicity, its visual impact is complex. Similar to Tesla's signature flush door handles, Bull Pull appears as part of the door itself, adding an air of intrigue to the overall design. Second, Bull Pull's clever simplicity offers unmatched practicality. Featuring only one seamless component, Bull Pull is easy to install. With no protruding parts and no visible fixing points, it's an intuitively functional door pull.

  • A new and innovative magnetic latching mechanism enhances Bull Pull's ease of use. As the latch approaches the striker, it will "snap" the lock together allowing the privacy mechanism to be engaged. Bull Pull also incorporates an edge pull so users can easily slide the door out of the cavity. Proving its versatility, the same Bull Pull may be used for hinged or sliding doors. It's available in both locking and non-locking versions. The refined, single-piece design makes Bull Pull significantly easier to install than multi-piece hardware. With no visible fixing points, it can be perfectly customized to suit door thickness. Laser and water jet machines are used to make precision parts with a flawless fit. And some finishes utilize a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) machine for a superior quality finish.