BRP Modular LinQ Box

  • 2021

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

BRP inc.

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The modular LinQ box is a cargo box compatible with every BRP vehicle. The LinQ quick-attach system makes it easy to securely attach it and switch it from one vehicle to another, particularly versatile for owners of more than one BRP vehicle. It comes in a range of sizes.

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  • Goodstorage capacity on a powersports vehicle is the key to a successful adventure.Riders need to carry everything they want or need for the trip, securely, and without compromising the vehicle's performance.Ourgoal here was to create a storage box that was easy to install, remove, stack,and organize, and that could be used on every BRP vehicle. We wanted it to be easy to carry and modular. It also needed to be compatible with other existing LinQ accessories to enable riders to combine them all in different ways, to optimize their vehicle's available cargo space.

  • The10, 20- and 30-litre stackable boxes are perfectly sized to fit together in various configurations. Their compatibility with existing LinQ accessories provides ingenious storage solutions to optimize the available cargo space on every BRP vehicle. Their form and rugged construction were designed to be water resistant and durable enough to withstand extreme conditions on the coldest, dirtiest and roughest rides.

  • Transporting personal items on a powersports vehicle is often a challenge. Rough terrain and extreme conditions make it difficult to carry them safely. Our box system was design to stay securely attached to our machine, giving peace of mind to our riders. The versatility of our stackable LinQ boxes allows for numerous storage combinations on every BRP platform. Only one box of each capacity is required for multiple vehicles, reducing the number of boxes produced overall and contributing to sustainability.

  • Sealed Lid Rugged Construction Stackability Compatibility with existing LinQ quick-attach accessories