BOSS Fire Transit Box

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Mark Prior - CEO BOSS Fire

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The BOSS Fire Transit Box is revolutionising methods used to firestop the entry of residential apartments. The multi-service pipe and cable transit is designed to lower the overall build cost, simplify installation and eliminate the risks of traditionally passive fire practices.

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  • The quality team at Multiplex found that 1 of the 2 main building defects related to passivefire. Its an all too common occurrence that incorrect products are chosen, or installed incorrectly. A firetest was carried out on proven products. 15 out of 22 specimens failed due to incorrect installation. Design brief became: -Simplify methods of firestopping electrical, plumbing & HVAC/R services through firerated walls. -Eliminate risk associated with incorrect product choice/use. -Ensure compliance with National Construction Code (NCC). -Heavily reduce building costs & remove defect rectifications. -Increase the speed of build program & simplify installation. -Compliant with common walls, services & meet acoustic requirements.

  • The BOSS Fire Transit Box "bundles" services into a single solution providing an NCC compliant, AS1530.4:2014 and AS4072.1-2005 fire rating of up to 2 hours. The unique design comprised of a steel chassis, high pressure expanding intumescent & an innovative BrushSeal™, allows trades to simply "pass through" pipes and cables. The product can be installed before or after walls are constructed, enabling trades to run pipes & cables before walls. By not cutting individual holes and individually treating the services with sealants, collars, wraps or backing rods, the fire box saves up to 90% of labour costs, reduces build time & eliminates risks.

  • Social impact of the product relates to life safety, risk reduction & cost saving. Due to the product versatility & ease of use, builders no longer need plumbers, electricians & mechanical contractors to perform specialist fire installations which leads to less mistakes & thus safer buildings for people to occupy. Due to the time & cost savings associated with the product, construction becomes faster. Combined with simplified compliance over traditional methods, use of the product results in a significant commercial benefit to developers, builders, contractors & home buyers. By offering a single product in lieu of several, lower carbon emissions are used throughout the manufacturing process.

  • - The BOSS Fire Transit Box can achieve 60min & 90min firerating & insulation performance without any thermal wrap unlike many traditional passive systems & older transit designs. - A wide variety of approved fixing methods are available to suit all applications. - Many standard & custom sizes are available. - Internal trapeze enables services to be separated to plumbing & electrical codes - only transit available in market to do so. - The unique BrushSeal™ design enables services to be added at anytime if forgotten during construction or once the building is occupied without disturbing the fire safety elements. - Passive fire registers and mandatory AS1851 maintenance inspections are condensed and carried out quicker making project ongoing costs cheaper. - Acoustic compliance is also met with up to Rw50 performance. - Further testing has led to use in concrete floor slabs (retrofit or cast in) and FR plasterboard ceilings. - Given the performance & substrates approved the product is also fit for purpose in risers, shafts, plant rooms, car parks and lobby or retail areas. - Applicable project types include apartments, hospitals, data centres, factories, shopping centres & offices. - The product enables less room to be used in the ceiling cavity, contributing to more apartments across the height of construction.