Bosch Integrated GlassVisor Rangehood

  • 2022

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    Domestic Appliances

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The new Bosch Integrated GlassVisor Rangehood is where premium design meets ultimate performance and space efficiency. Our new integrated rangehood with foldout GlassVisor is more space efficient thanks to a compact design that provides you with extra storage possibilities, ideal for cookbooks, spices, utensils and more.

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  • The challenge was to push design innovation to a new level when it comes to integrated rangehoods, in order to maximise storage – a highly coveted commodity in any kitchen. In addition to finding a space saving solution, the design needed to be the epitome of flexibility in order for it to work in an array of kitchen styles and aesthetics, as well as being remarkably easy to install. Seamless integration was also a key consideration when designing this product, with the aim for it to be an unspoken hero, providing impressive functionality without limiting the kitchen design in any way.

  • The seamless integration of the GlassVisor Rangehood offers a perfectly minimalist design, thanks to the flush installation in an overhead cabinet without a bottom shelf, making it almost invisible. The T-shaped body of the rangehood itself serves as storage space and can hold up to 10kg on each side. Thanks to its optimised design, additional shelving can be installed in the cabinet on either side of the chimney, providing even more storage capacity. The innovative GlassVisor features TouchSelect seamless controls, while the panel itself can be folded out to begin operation, and turned off by folding it back under.

  • This is a design fit for any kitchen. The Integrated GlassVisor Rangehood allows you to freely design your upper cabinet to meet your needs. The flexibility of the appliance allows you to maximise storage and customise the interior cabinet. This means that regardless of the kitchen style aesthetic, this rangehood can be seamlessly integrated, offering powerful ventilation with additional storage for spices, cookbooks, utensils and more. It changes the way we think of integrated rangehoods, opening up design possibilities that combine functionality with flexibility.

  • •Space efficient, compact design with extra storage possibilities on and around the rangehood, ideal for storing spices, cookbooks, utensils and more. •Made in Germany •Maximum 10kg storage weight on each side of the T-shaped body of the rangehood. •New GlassVisor design includes: -Touchselect electronic controls, seamless and premium finish whilst allowing easy control. -The ability to start the rangehood by folding the glass panel out, and turn off by folding the glass panel back. -Enhanced vapour control. •The strong design trend of black appliances with sleek finish is continuing to build momentum, with this new design perfectly meeting the brief. •Easy to clean smooth finishes. Even the screws are covered to ensure no small recesses that would previously be tricky to clean. •Easy and flush installation solution for hassle free fitting. •3 power settings plus intensive setting. •651m3/h maximum extraction capacity (intensive setting). •LED lights provide a clear and bright illumination whilst cooking, using especially low energy consumption. •Dishwasher safe metal grease filters. •Stainless steel filter covers.