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BluSense Diagnostics

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BluBox is a portable medical device for diagnostics of infectious diseases, such as Dengue or Zika. BluBox provides results as accurate as large laboratory equipment but can be carried in a camera case. It requires only a single drop of blood and is extremely easy to use.

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  • The world is facing enormous challenges from the spread of infectious diseases. Dengue alone is endemic in more than 120 countries, causing more than 20,000 deaths, mostly among children, per year. In developing countries, clinicians seldom have access to expensive laboratory tests to diagnose dengue. Considering this, we aimed to create a portable, easy to use next-generation medical device providing patients with laboratory-grade results in a matter of minutes. To run a test, BluBox requires only a ViroTrack cartridge and a single drop of blood.

  • Usability - the core value of Blubox. It has been engineered side by side with target pilot customers. BluBox is user-friendly, robust and high-tech. The software is developed to ensure fast training of physicians (less 15 minutes) and it can be quickly updated through the internet connection. The technological innovation of the proposed solution is based on Immuno-Magnetic-Assay technology (IMA) which is part of BluSense’s core IP. IMA technology allows the detection of biomarkers with higher accuracy than commercially available rapid diagnostic tests.

  • The goal of BluSense is to provide accurate and easy-to-interpret diagnostics solutions for the correct management of infected patients. We aim to reduce the health impact of the diseases and optimize the costs and efficiency of the patients' management and disease containment programs. The BluSense platform is based on a reader (BluBox), and single-use blood test cartridges (ViroTrack), specifically designed for diagnosing various infectious diseases. The test is performed using a single drop of blood collected from a fingertip, without the need for phlebotomy. The tests can be performed in less than 10 minutes and require no trained operators.

  • Facilities that benefit from BluBox and ViroTrack include hospitals (small and medium-sized) and clinics (Primary Healthcare Centres), with the highest value for the Primary Healthcare Centres in severe dengue cases, where accuracy, time-to-result, and ease-of-use are critical factors. BluSense has identified the key users’ needs that are missing in current technologies and implemented them in BluBox and ViroTrack. Therefore, our products possess the following key features: • BluBox can diagnose infections with laboratory-grade accuracy (>95%); • It requires low sample volume (such as a drop of finger prick blood); • BluBox gives fast answers ( in less than 10 minutes) to enrol patients in the right treatment during the first visit; • The device can be run by minimally-trained operators without the need for additional laboratory tools; • It is a portable system for infectious diseases diagnostics even in remote areas; • BluBox is affordable compared to the equipment requires in central laboratories.