Blackmagic Videohub

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Blackmagic Design

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The Blackmagic Videohub is a series of advanced, zero latency video routers that support any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD inputs simultaneously. Designed specifically for large-scale live productions like news, sporting events and concerts, they offer an affordable means of routing up to 40 professional video standards simultaneously.

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  • •Create an affordable means for independent broadcasters to rout a variety of professional video standards simultaneously without the associated mess of complex cabling. •Minimise the degradation of video signals common to long cables used in large-scale productions. •Develop a cohesive, refined aesthetic that reflects the sophisticated technology within. •Maintain a compact, portable form factor that fits into a standard 19” equipment rack. •Ensure immediate, ‘at-a-glance’ recognition of system status, even in darkened, back room environments. •Provide quick access to core functionality. •Allow direct monitoring of program feeds.

  • With a minimal design and a control panel pared back to allow critical information to be relayed clearly and unambiguously, Blackmagic Videohubs are an affordable yet versatile solution for the high-speed routing of a range of video standards. With each piece of SDI equipment in a studio connected directly to the router, connections are performed electronically, eliminating complex and confusing system diagrams and associated cable mess. Depending on requirements, users can choose from 10x10, 20x20 or 40x40 12G models, which enable the simultaneous routing of up to 10, 20 or 40 different video standards respectively.

  • Empowering creative people and organisations with affordable, professional video technology remains the central ethos of Blackmagic Design. The intuitive, versatile Videohub range is a compelling example of this imperative, expanding the capabilities of independent broadcasters and enabling them to cope with larger and more complex live production scenarios.

  • In an industry first, the unique built-in front control panel enables users to route video directly, fitting into standard live production racks that don't have space for extra hardware panels. Search Dial Featuring an electronic clutch that responds to the Videohubs GUI, the bespoke search dial is precision CNC machined aluminium, with multiple high performance bearings. When scrolling labels in alphabetical order the clutch engages to stop users at the end of a list. The dial’s generous depth and comfortable soft-touch grip ensure pinpoint control. Shortcut Buttons Allow direct entry of sources and destinations. They can also be used with the numeric keys. In Button Switches the panel over so the spin knob and shortcut buttons select from the list of input video sources. By rolling the spin knob, users can see every input. LCD for Labels and Video The vibrant LCD shows the connections between inputs and outputs, and features live video so users can scroll sources based on the content of the input. Take Button The final confirmation for users to accept a new input selection, eliminating mistakes - critical in ‘on-air’ situations.