Balanced Knife

  • 2019

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    Housewares and Objects

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Paul Cohen

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The Balanced Knife employs a unique, stainless weight with a magnetic slider. The moving weight allows the knife to be perfectly balanced all the time. The weight maybe positioned fore or aft in the handle, providing you with a superior control and comfort, for a more efficient workflow.

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  • The entire handle is solid billet stainless steel, this crucial part is CNC, cut and replicated. Never has a factory achieved such precision. The tolerances are critical and were hard to achieve due to the number of tempering processes. The design required a weight that is easily removable for washing. Hidden inside are magnets, vital to its performance. A single plastic part seals them in and provides a small grip / indicator on the external face. This fit and thin wall moulding along with multiple stage polishing of the weight results in a flawless jewellery like piece.

  • The Balanced Knife set is designed to suit your own food preparation style. Knives are, of course, among the most ubiquitous and indispensable of kitchen tools. However, chefs have very personal preferences as to blade sizes, weight and holding style. The Balanced knife employs a unique, and patented, stainless weight with a magnetic slider. The weight of the knife maybe positioned fore or aft in the handle, providing you with superior control and can order custom weights just to suit you. The design is elegant and simple with the highest quality stainless steel, finished in super-tough black chromium.

  • This premium 3-knife set is customisable and will suit your personal cooking and preparation style. The innovative and patented adjustable balance weight uses magnet technology to allow re-positioning forward for firm chopping, while moving it to the rear balances the knife for precision cutting. The knives come in a variety of weights, from 20g to 60g, making them suitable for all users. The "ONE_PIECE" body is made from the highest grade machined stainless steel. Intensionally designed in this way to endure all that a chef can deliver. This premium product will not be discarded and last a LIFETIME.

  • The balance feature been empasized with a lazer engraved sliding scale on the handle so that you may remember your favourite balance settings. In addition multiple weights can be fitted if you desire a super heavy knife greater that the 50 gms available for purchase.