Baker Extension Table

  • 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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The Baker Extension Table welcomes all. Featuring a strong robust form softened by smooth edges and rolling-pin legs, the table is designed to be wholesome and adaptable to different spaces, the purposes it serves and the people that surround it. It’s ideal for intimate gatherings and large celebrations alike.

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  • The Baker Extension Table features a strong, robust form that is softened by the smooth table edge and rolling pin legs. Its rounded underside and gentle curves creates an ideal platform for intimate gatherings or larger celebrations. Extend the table for larger gatherings and slide it back when you're done. The Baker Table sits up to 10 people.

  • The Baker Table is made from Oak or Rock Maple timber with hidden powder coated steel brackets for strength and reinforcement without compromising the solid timber aesthetic.

  • When designing the Baker Table, we wanted to move away from traditional extension table designs that are often cumbersome with a thick and visually disjointed top. We were faced with the difficulty of creating a table that incorporated the mechanical folding elements in a visually welcoming form. This was met by seamlessly incorporating a friendly aesthetic with the extending/retracting mechanisms of the table. The rounded edges and underside allowed us to remove material and lighten the table aesthetically by creating a profile that was only as thick as the mechanism itself, with the additional table-tops stored inside.

  • Logistically, we wanted this table to be practical for the user so we designed it to be sent flat packed. The table utilises hidden metal fixings to attach the legs making the table have the appearance of a single body using common joinery methods but with the efficiencies of modular construction. The modular construction allows for parts to be replaced if damaged or worn out and by not using adhesives, the frame can be repaired without compromising the structure and stability.