Arup Annual Report 2017

  • 2018

  • Communication

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United Kingdom

Arup’s ‘shaping a better world’ ethos is about creating sustainable, inspiring solutions that improve lives. From fans enjoying a stunning new stadium in Perth to cyclists crossing an elegant new bridge in Utrecht, we’ve shown not only what the firm has done but why it really matters.

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  • Show how the firm is delivering against the six key aims that Sir Ove Arup laid down in his 1970 Key Speech, which still informs the firm today: Quality of work: Work that makes a tangible difference for society Total architecture: Holistic solutions to human problems Humane organisation: Prioritise the needs of individuals and communities Straight and honourable dealings: Think and behave in the best interest of our clients and our people Social usefulness: Lead in addressing the big challenges of our age Reasonable prosperity: Invest in research and development of our people to improve the work we do.

  • Stories are told from multiple views, not only iconic design or leading edge technical innovation, but also through the experiences of real people and communities. Design is inspired by their holistic ‘total engineering’ approach, incorporating different-sized pages, materials and techniques, inviting the reader to engage with structure, texture and space in the way Arup’s work does. The design is consistent with Arup’s ‘just enough design’ approach - light and functional to ensure lots of white space. Unusually, there’s no stunning building on the cover, just a quote from Ove himself, whose principles still run through the firm, year on year.

  • This document is the first document to be produced with a refreshed visual identity that will update and take Arup forward in a way that is consistent with their long-standing values. "I think this is a wonderful piece of work – thank you all very, very much for getting us to where we are today." Karim Klaus Emara, Chief Marketing Officer

  • The use of wiro binding to incorporate different size pages and materials.