• 2017

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    Housewares and Objects

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Takeda Inc.

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This product is consisted of two factors: the hook and the body.

When you fold it up, it transforms into simple arch-shaped.

High technology made it possible to be cut aluminum accurately.

The weight is properly set for your hands by controlling weight balance and smoothing the surface.

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  • This moderate arch is satisfied both hooking clothes easily and beauty. It has never existed a hanger which is simple arch form. This moderate arch form fits shop space and for travel use naturally. A projection to pull hook out was designed as minimized and whoever can pull it out. Both tips parts which clothes hooked are designed wavy roughness so it avoids to slip off clothes and be accent at the same time. We excluded waste of decoration and show beauty form. At the same time, we considered to pull beauty from hooked clothes.

  • Using High quality hanger can be factored to enhance of shop value because a hanger is the most common utensil in the clothing shop. However, there is no fascinated hanger, but a lot of cheap product in the marketplace. We realized a product which is satisfied desire for possessions and feel to give it as a present not only just for us. All this product's material is made from metal and surface treatment is optimized so this product provides grip which fits in hands and proper heavy. It has color variation and can be chosen a color to fit shop and high degree of freedom as a gift. All parts including package and manual is one product as design so it can be an effective product to show Japanese technology.

  • This hanger is consists of factor of hook and body. A hook can storage in the body, as a result, it transforms simple arch form. A usual hanger is obstructive existence when it disuses so it is not a proper form for storage. This product can change condition which is usage state and disuse state easily. It calculated proportion and size strictly to look beautiful whenever a hook is opened or storage.

  • We thought about recycling so this product made from only one material, Aluminum. There is not backlash because it is processed excellent manufacturing technology. We realized proper heavy balance by making proper space inside when it is cut out. About surface treatment, we considered scratch and stain-resistant and goodness of touch therefore, a parts of hook is processed chemical polishing and blast, and a parts of body is made in hair line finish. This product of the degree is satisfied beauty and safety because of proper management.

    All things are designed to include packaging and instruction. Only characters are shining because black mad coating is on the box surface. We considered to provide satisfaction to the receiver when only box is presented and show elegance of this product. There is no use of glue or stapler and other material. We are thinking this product is a pair for gift so it is made of minimized paper. Instruction is printed into a cover directly so opener can catch sight of it necessarily when it is opened.