AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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M650 is a portable wireless microphone designed for content creators. Its microphone system adopts VoiceRadar™️, an advanced noise-reduction technique, to eliminate sounds from background noises. Its TrueLink™️ protocol can pick up sounds without distortion. And clip magnet and round-shaped design allows users to rotate the mic for clearer sounds.

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  • The live broadcast industry has boosted demand for wireless microphones among content creators. Based on their patterns of behaviors, we created M650 wireless microphone. It features select colours that can match with users' clothing, while most microphones on the market are black.

  • - Unlike the traditional square shape, M650 adopts the round-shaped design with a clip magnet. This allows users to rotate the mic to any position they want for clearer sounds. - M650 is equipped with stylish replaceable covers, making it a chic item for content creators. However, most microphones are black and their covers cannot be replaced. - The existing microphones on the market include an extra magnet to offer more wearing options. M650 combines back clip and clip magnet into one so that users don't have to fiddle with too many gadgets.

  • M650 wireless microphone creates a way of working that fits the users' personality. It includes replaceable covers in various chic styles, allowing users to select the one they want in their workspace. This gives them confidence in realising and delivering their value.

  • - The charging case makes it easy to store components and extend hours of use. - Simply open the charging case, and the transmitters and receiver automatically power on and connect. - The included removable plugs are compatible with various devices, offering plug and play usability. - The combination of back clip and clip magnet removes difficulty in keeping multiple gadgets.