An innovative ski boot cover delivering an advanced thermal insulation.

  • 2020

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Benjamin Price

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SNÜX have developed an innovative ski-overboot, designed to provide skiers with an advanced thermal insulation for warmth, to eliminate cold feet problem and provide a sustainable solution to toxic, single-use feet warmers. The SNÜX Overboot is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ garment and provides and full boot coverage delivering maximum heat transfer.

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  • Existing market offerings are predominantly battery operated, super expensive for the consumer or simply don't last enough time. The design challenge was clear. Create a product that is easy to use, provides sufficient warming to the feet (through a ski boot), be reusable, and has an adjustable size range. No wires. Another aspect of the design challenge was to create something as simple as sliding on a glove, yet still secure and snug.

  • The next challenge was the product design itself. This led us to naturally using the ski-boots form and shape, and to then look to improve both aesthetic appearances of something very technical, while being easy to fit & adjust. This resulted in a unified garment construction with unlimited size adjustability (adult & youth size). An existing market solution was an all-purpose boot cover, lacking the appropriate features for a ski boot such as exposure to the toe and heel under lugs (clips into skis), while maintaining footbed coverage.

  • 1) Provide skiers with a solution to a common problem that often results in 'half-days' on the mountain, and allows the athlete to go further, and higher up (altitude). 2) The Overboot provides a sustainable and effective (very important), alternative to skiers using toxic single-use warmers inside their boots. Often the packaging can be seen scattered across ski resorts and slopes. 3) By essentially covering existing ski-boot branding and turning a super functional piece of equipment into something seamless, there is a large opportunity to replicate and introduce 'sneaker-culture' into the market. Breathing new interest amongst the youth culture.

  • - SNÜX is designed for SNUG accurate arch placement to maximize thermodynamic control of heat transfer across full boot covering. Critically from the heel, where warmblood enters the foot down the leg. - Ultrasonic-bonded construction resulting in a single piece of material that is highly adjustable. - The only ski boot specific overboot on the market. - Made with the world's most advanced thermal garment material (developed by SNÜX. Tested by NASA's labs).