Alter Collection

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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New Zealand

The Alter collection is designed with people at the very centre. The result of an in-depth research project, Alter explores themes of technology, human interaction, and emotional comfort, and the importance those factors have on how we experience the modern work environment.

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Image: Alter Range - Photography by Pablo Martin
Image: Alter Range - Photography by Pablo Martin
Image: Alter Range - Photography by Pablo Martin
Image: Alter Range - Photography by Pablo Martin
Image: Alter Range - Photography by Pablo Martin
Image: Alter Range - Photography by Pablo Martin
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  • The global pandemic as well as advancements in modern technology have forever altered the way in which we work, including where we work from and how we interact with others, meaning that many of us are becoming increasingly more isolated in our work. Whilst certain tasks might still call for a desk based workstation, many people can now do the majority of their work at home, a cafe or from a hotel lobby. Alter seeks to address this challenge by creating a workspace where we actually want to be, bringing us together to re-connect, fostering interaction and collaboration.

  • Alter responds to the changing landscape of the modern workplace in a positive and engaging way. The Alter collection employs a warm palette of materials and detailing not commonly associated with office furniture, creating a sense of familiarity and emotional comfort within the workplace, much like the home environment. Alter is designed as a mobile collection of seating and occasional tables that caters for both the planned and the impromptu, a space for nomadic workers to pause alone and focus on the task at hand, or equally, a space for serendipitous connections and social interactions can occur.

  • As people continue to work in an isolated and independent way, it is our social interaction and creative skills that are even more important. Alter’s design creates a genuine sense of familiarity in the workplace, offering a place for interaction to thrive. In contrast to the usual synthetic appearance of modern office furniture, Alter uses solid wood and textured upholstery to create an aesthetic that is warm and inviting. Alter is also both visually and physically lighter than the larger voluminous soft seating forms typically found in the workplace, using less material, with components designed to be disassembled and refurbished.

  • The best ideas are often the result of meaningful conversation and collaboration. It is through our interaction with others, people from different disciplines and backgrounds, that we take our everyday ideas, pull them apart and mix them together, to then create something entirely new. It is vital that the workplace becomes a place where we actually want to be, bringing people together so that collaboration and social interactions can thrive. It is also through our experience of form and materiality, strong visual textures and tactile expressions, that we can form lasting personal relationships with the spaces that we inhabit, and the products that we use. Through considered and effective design, the Alter collection offers an adaptive and nimble approach towards creating such an environment, ensuring that our connections to people, product and place endure.