All-New Volvo XC90

  • 2016

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Volvo Car Group

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The All-New Volvo XC90 is a wonderfully luxurious car designed around you and your passengers.

Following on from the segment-defining original back in 2002, the All-New XC90 is the first car to be built on Volvo’s new Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA).

This platform allows for a no-compromise approach to both design and technology. From its innovative Drive-E engine family, which includes a plug-in hybrid option for emission-free motoring, to its ground-breaking world firsts in safety, the All-New XC90 has raised the bar for prestige SUVs.

Setting the tone for the company’s future, the All-New XC90 showcases practicality, innovation and technology, all finished off with a healthy dose of Scandinavian flair.

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  • Designing cars at Volvo starts around the driver and the passengers. In short, we design our cars around you. This contemporary, prestigious SUV represents a distinctive take on what it means to drive a luxury car in the 21st century. It's the embodiment of Swedish design and craftsmanship, both inside and out. The All-New Volvo XC90 exudes power, particularly with the upright grille, strong shoulder line and muscular stance. Beautiful subtle design cues abound, including the 'Thor's Hammer' LED daytime running lights, which give the car knowing confidence without being ostentatious.

  • The All-New XC90 brings together functional and intuitive Scandinavian design with a feel of uncluttered elegance. The sculptured seats offer the latest ergonomic design, with the adjustable second and third row of seating providing tremendous versatility. Volvo's unique integrated child booster cushions are standard in the second row. The third row of seating can comfortably accommodate people up to 170cm, and also fold flat providing additional load space. Volvo's innovative and unique Sensus system with ipdad style touch screen provides a seamless interface between driver and vehicle. The class-leading Bowers and Wilkins sound system and four-zone climate control provide the perfect cabin environment.

  • Over the years Volvo has provided the world with a number of world firsts, such as the three-point safety belt in 1959, and auto emergency braking. It is no surprise that the XC90 is packed with intuitive safety technologies as standard, and is arguably the safest car on the road. Volvo's world leading auto emergency braking system, City Safety, has been upgraded to operate in night conditions, to detect cyclists and pedestrians, and also braking into intersections - a world first. In another world first the XC90 also has a run off road protection system. Under the skin Volvo has used extremely tough materials, including boron steel, in an intelligent structure to dissipate energy as well as resist it.

  • The All-New XC90 is a beautiful crafted vehicle completed with the finest materials available. With the car influenced by Scandinavian design, the finish of the vehicle had to deliver on the promise. Like a finely-crafted watch, its beauty might be obvious, but its true value is only revealed when you discover the craftsmanship that went into making it. As you enter the vehicle, initially it is the feel of the quality leather that goes into the ergonomically-designed seats, or the Orrefors crystal gear selector that give a touch of luxury. Then the smaller details hit you, like the Swedish flag that peeks out from the edge of each seat, or the '1959' stamp in the seatbelt paying tribute Volvo's brand heritage.

    The All-New XC90 is more than a new car, it's an opportunity to redefine the Volvo brand globally and locally in Australia. It is in a competitive segment, but the uniqueness of the offer and the quality of the execution will no doubt win over a whole new legion of fans. The XC90 represents the first car to be built on Volvo's innovative Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA), and is a significant step forward in Volvo's upcoming product onslaught over the next four years. Such is the speed of Volvo's transformation that the XC90 will be the oldest car in the lineup within four years. Globally Volvo is going through 20 months of consecutive retail growth, and the All-New XC90 should assist in continuing this trend

    The All-New XC90 represents the new face of Volvo, and is the first car by Chief Designer Thomas Ingenlath. New design cues and those from existing Volvo DNA have combined resulting in a beautifully sculptured car with a powerful presence that draws attention rather than shouts for it. Inside is an evolution with of both design and human interface with the car, which is now controlled by an easy to use touch screen. The removal of almost all buttons has provided a real elegance and sense of calm to the cabin. Volvo's 'Intellisafe' system introduces two world firsts - emergency autobrake when turning into an intersection, and run off road protection. The All-New XC90 has a presence that leaves nothing for want.