Aliro Accessible Collection

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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ABI Interiors Pty Ltd

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The Aliro Collection is a comprehensive range of accessible, ambulant, and assisted living bathroom products combining functionality, durability, and safety with aesthetics. The impetus for Aliro was inclusivity, as we believe a beautiful bathroom should be accessible to everyone — whether in residential, commercial, or rehabilitation spaces.

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  • We identified a vast gap in the accessible/ambulant market for beautiful yet functional products. There is a lack of aesthetic variety in this space — with the same repetitive product style and limited diversity in design. Therefore, our biggest challenge was to not only meet the AS1428.1:2021 Standards but to exceed them with an aesthetically appealing solution that provided unique freedom of expression for accessible, ambulant, and standard bathrooms. Another challenge was ensuring a noticeably consistent design theme across the range while maintaining affordability without sacrificing the high quality.

  • Designed for inclusivity, Aliro enables everyone to create a beautiful, cohesive space. To differentiate from current clinical offerings, Aliro was designed to be as slimline as possible and available in four finishes. A 316 stainless steel construction supports its visual identity ensuring quality and longevity. The modular component allows freedom of choice, as configurations are adjustable — tailoring the experience for either commercial or residential requirements. Aliro was independently strength-tested via the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and our target market was deeply considered with help from in-situ testing. Extensive research overcame many design roadblocks including manufacturing and regulatory constraints.

  • Aliro champions inclusivity for local and wider communities by integrating accessible needs into mainstream luxury bathroom design. It provides an opportunity for diverse individual representation while challenging the industry to recognise accessible spaces with the same creative consideration as conventional bathrooms. Aliro's lead-free, high-quality construction results in a longer lifespan and extensive warranty, which underscores our regard for sustainability. It's a distinct product offering that breaks through a saturated market, differentiating us from our competitors. The collection's introduction at trade shows generated significant interest from potential clients, leading to increased quotes for commercial installations post-launch.

  • Our Aliro Collection was designed to be an inclusive experience, with every detail purposefully considered. For instance, the curved motif across the entire product range ensures pleasing visual continuity, while the 32mm backplates achieve a minimalist aesthetic that mirrors our brand. Aliro also recreates how accessible fixtures are traditionally constructed and installed — its innovative modular system uses interchangeable components that enable easy installation and flexible configurations. Additionally, this modularity is beneficial for reducing packaging compared to our competitors. Our specially designed grab rail brackets withhold a force of more than 1100kN, while our thoughtful grub screw fixing method allows the possibility of alternating the finish in the future without requiring the complete removal of the wall fixings. Aliro is also available in our four signature finishes: brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel to ensure continuity with non-accessible spaces. Aliro has been thoughtfully designed to ensure we offer a market-leading range in terms of design and durability while remaining cost-effective for our customers.