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Sophisticated yet intuitively simple, the Air Washer is a totally portable air modifier. It provides a safe/ sterile, comfortable environment for your work or home. It purifies and humidifies ambient air while providing room deodorising. The touch interface is easy to use. Incorporated is a 5.5 litre water tank with sanitisation.

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  • This project is a NEW category. •Purify air using multiple filters to remove pollutants and allergies. •Changing air humidity uses a patented blade washing process. This process is quiet, clean. Sterilising module ensures that water and air is purified to prevent contamination. •Deodorising using natural oils in the aroma module. Challenges include minimising the size of each package and fitting each component like a puzzle. This unique combination of technologies required engineering departments working together on the different functional aspects made this project most challenging taking 4 years of R&D and testing. The outcome is a new and revolutionary design.

  • At the beginning of the project the customer wanted a product that would help in humidifying the home. The Russian winter is harsh, homes are heated but the heating process is very drying to the skin. A simple humidifier was the first brief and requirement. As we began this project we realised we could incorporate other functions to mitigate multiple appliances and provide better solutions to enhance and provide a safe and sterile living and working environment.

  • The appliance combines several functions in one products, therefore reducing the environmental impact with its condensed footprint, and improving life of consumers that only have to purchase 1 product that can deliver immediately several functions. The appliance delivers a user friendly experience whilst maintaining the sleek design.

  • A large TFT display with sensors allowing an excellent user experience. The product also has a large top illumination that can be used as a night lamp, as well as water tank illumination for an easier filling.