AEG 2x18V Fusion Post Hole Digger

  • 2021

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

The AEG 2x18V Post Hole Digger is a powerful DC Auger that challenges the petrol alternatives that currently dominate the market. Designed in Hong Kong, this is one of the few battery-driven, brushless diggers to use cordless technology.

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  • The challenge was how to make this digger as safe and comfortable as possible to use. With a digger this powerful, special care needed to be taken towards safety and control. Our design journey began with analyzing the pain-points of the existing petrol augers and making sure that we make improvements on all the touchpoints.

  • The AEG Post Hole Digger is a compact, lightweight, robust yet powerful tool. Firstly, we designed the frame of the digger to be wider to give the user more leverage when handling the great torque force. Secondly, we incorporated the kickback protection of a thigh bar. This rubber bar is in close contact with the user's thigh. In the event of a kickback (when the digger hits a rock or root for example), it cuts off the power instantaneously to prevent serious injury. It is a very capable digger that can used to erect the posts for fences and patios.

  • The AEG Post Hole Digger is designed for professionals and consumers alike. The steel frame has integrated electrical wiring to make it more refined and durable and the gearbox is mounted on a shock-absorbing mount to help reduce the vibrations that often cause user fatigue over prolonged use. As far as Societal and Environmental impact is concerned, this is one of the few battery-powered diggers in the market. We aim are encourage the market to move away from the traditional petrol driven diggers and therefore better for the environment.

  • Status Indication- The warning LED lights up when the unit is temporarily overloaded or in a kickback event. Moulded handgrips give the user more grip and control when handling the unit. Forward and Reverse - The digging direction is forward by default but sometimes if you get stuck, it is handy to switch to reverse to get out of the tight spot… We have a 3-speed control so that the user can choose the right speed /torque for the job at hand. Brushless Motor technology means it loses the age-old copper rotor and matches the energy supply with its power requirement The performance is astounding with the power of petrol at the push of a button due to its brushless motor running on our Force Pro-lithium batteries.