AEG 18v FUSION Secateurs

  • 2022

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design Asia

Designed In:

Hong Kong

The AEG 18v FUSION Secateurs are the powerful, compact & lightweight answer to effortless pruning around your garden.

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  • If you’re an arborist, professional gardener or landscaper making numerous pruning cuts trimming roses and other bushy plants, you’ll love the effortless cutting action of AEG’s 18V FUSION Secateurs. For professional users, a well performing tool which is comfortable to use is essential. The Lightweight trigger paired with a safe digital user interface and a positive, comfortable grip enables the user to prune for extended periods of time without hand fatigue or the risk of bodily strain. The AEG 18V FUSION secateurs makes a statement of ergonomics & power. The brushless Motor provides smooth cutting performance in a well-balanced package.

  • This light weight product allows users to trim accurately and precisely over extended periods of time. Weighing in under 1kg weight, 1s cycle time and a light weight trigger allow the user to work faster and longer than traditional handheld secateurs while preventing hand fatigue. The large cutting capacity slices through green material up to 30mm in diameter and up to 25mm in hard wood. The SK5 hardened steel blades deliver clean, crisp cuts for healthier plants and long-lasting cutting performance. Quick & Convenient blade change for accurate adjustment and removal, for sharpening/replacement elongates the life of this tool.

  • The elderly and less able-bodied users were kept in mind while designing this tool, by including the soft textured ergonomic grip and rear positioned battery give this tool great balance and comfort with or without the use of garden gloves.

  • The in-built intelligent electronics in our FUSION tools optimize the power and performance of our FORCE batteries. Pair up the 18V FUSION Secateurs with a FORCE battery, and you’ll experience a trade tool you can push harder and longer than ever before. The tools smart LED panel alerts users on the cutting status. If blades are jammed or the tool is over-heating from repeated use a warning light and sound will warn the user. To ensure the tool is always at optimum cutting capacity, it will also highlight when the blades are due for sharpening.