AEG 18V Fusion SDS Hammer Drill

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Commissioned By:

Techtronic Design

Designed In:

Hong Kong

AEG Power Tool's 18V Brushless SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill is powered by FUSION Motor Technology and an advanced 18V Lithium Ion battery resulting in a high performance, professional grade tool.

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  • SDS stands for Slotted Drive System. AEG 18V SDS+ rotary hammer drill designed for drill or demolish concrete applications and specifically designed with the time conscious tradies in mind. The ability to complete drill or demolish concrete applications in high speed, high torque and high impact means the work is completed effectively on the jobsite. Many masonry workers were having trouble drilling holes into bricks or hard materials. SDS+ rotary hammer drill was created to solve it with ease. The SDS bits slide into the chuck and enhance the hammering action of the tool. It also provides plenty of torque.

  • The FUSION motor technology pushes AEG 18V SDS+ Hammer Drills to the limit with unbeatable performance. It enables custom configuration for improving high speed, high torque, high impact and extended runtime by eliminating frictional energy loss on conventional brush motor. The FORCE batteries offer enduring power for longer runtime to keep the job done. The Battery is built-in with overloading protection circuit to monitor how the energy transmitted for drilling application. Ergo-housing design with reinforced ladder hook brings great mobility and durability to user. Expertise Handle Design offers user a comfortable gripping handle as well as good CG balancing

  • Ergonomic housing design with illustrated black and orange accent colors, the reinforced ladder hook brings great mobility as well as durability to user. This combination resonates its stylish and masculine. Expertise Handle Design offers user a comfortable gripping handle as well as good CG balancing

  • AEG 18V SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drills delivers user a compact size of tool with evoking power 2.5J impact energy. It targets concrete, steel and wood drilling from dia. 6 to 26mm by switching the mode selector button. Black soft rubber handle grips and Auxiliary Handle provide user a balance control for the tool. Built-in Electronic clutch control and Anti-vibration system can prevent user from being injured when in long term drill usage or even bit-jams event occurred. - Electronic safety clutch protects the user from bit jams - 3 mode function? Rotary Hammer, Standard Drilling, Chisel Free Rotation and Chisel Stop mode - LED Sight light illuminates the work area - Inbuilt Heavy Duty Rafter / Ladder hook for easy storage - Variable speed trigger lets user drilling without barrier - Impressive soft rubber grips with Micro texture design - Anti?Vibration system decreases vibration and increases user comfort - High performance Brushless motor increases drilling speed by up to 50%