Adjusta Mattress Caravan/Marine

  • 2021

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    Medical and Scientific

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Jay Burnz

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The Adjusta Mattress Dual Queen Caravan/Marine mattress has been designed for people with a love for adventure! Designed in Australia, this sleep system allows one to enjoy the benefits and features of a therapeutic adjustable bed while on the road and without having to replace their existing bed base and surrounds.

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Image: Adjusta Mattress Caravan/Marine (Display)
Image: Adjusta Mattress Caravan 1
Image: Adjusta Mattress Marine
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  • Shortly after the Adjusta Mattress was released in 2017, A gap was identified in a specific market within Australia & New Zealand. It was found that there were limited to no options to purchase an adjustable mattress' that could be used inside a caravan, or boat. The challenge was to build upon the brands original sleep system for the home, and to address and improve the quality of life for individuals who experienced a wide range of health conditions, as well as those who experience poor sleep health, through positional therapy when travelling on the road or at sea.

  • The innovative design features specially rounded corners that allows the mattress to easily position onto 95% of caravan and boat bed bases. The products engine is inbuilt inside a high density memory foam mattress. The Dual system mattress features integrated body massage and a wireless remote allowing individuals to pre-set their preferred sleep position. It offers zero-gravity button which places the body in its natural alignment whilst taking pressure off the vital organs. Adjusta Mattress is listed with ARTG as a class 1 medical device, its functionality has been shown to significantly assist in a range of sleep conditions.

  • The impact that we have experienced with our customers is that of improved sleep, comfort and overall wellbeing whilst travelling on the road or at sea. The consumer will be able to fit the mattress on top of their existing base and will not lose any valuable storage space - something that is highly sought out in compact vehicles and marine craft.The product targets a niche market, with minimal competitors having a similar product. The sleek design of our Adjusta Mattress Caravan/Marine means our product maintains style while providing the functional capabilities that assist in sleep health in a dual capacity.

  • Firstly, the manufacturing of the Caravan/Marine mattress has directly allowed those individuals who purchase the sleep system the opportunity to improve their quality of life through positional therapy. We have received a 5 star rating from our customers reviews and testimonials. From both a business and consumer perspective, Adjusta Mattress has successfully managed to fill a void in providing a medical grade sleep product in a niche market, thus being the caravan, RV and boating leisure sector. Since developing the Adjusta Mattress Caravan/Marine, the business has unlocked up to a 40% increase in business performance due to the additional exposure within a market segment and the opportunity to showcase products at specific tradeshows. Past and Future customers can see increased satisfaction, as they are now able to experience our sleep systems in both their homes and on the road. The release of this sleep system has shown to benefit our corporate supported organisations including Arthritis Australia, Sleep Health Foundation, Spinal Research Foundation, Sleep Disorders Australia and Diabetes QLD, as a number of their members living with health concerns fit within the demographic of the outdoor leisure market. This may in turn create additional brand exposure and awareness to these organisations.