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  • 2021

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The Adapt Air Xtra Light is an adjustable silicone breast prosthesis, worn in a women’s bra pocket after a mastectomy from breast cancer. The innovative German designed air chamber technology allows the woman to adjust the breast prosthesis individually to the unique shape of her chest wall.

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  • Women with an uneven chest wall or scar tissue need a breast form with an individually adjustable rear side that moulds smoothly to the skin to fill in gaps and depressions and make the breast form fit close to the woman's body. Due to the uneven scar area on the chest wall a certain volume adjustment might be needed to create a symmetrical silhouette. While the rear side should be adjustable, the cup side should stay in its shape. The handling of the volume adjustment should be easy and the woman should be able to do that on her own.

  • We developed a silicone breast form with an integrated air chamber. Through a specially designed valve it becomes easy for the woman to add or release volume (=air) with the help of a small pumping device. The flexible rear side adapts to the chest wall and will even hug uneven areas smoothly. This results in a perfect, close fit.

  • Our product improves the quality of life of breast operated women. The adjustable breast form allows breast operated women to pursue an active life with all-day comfort to make them feel confident, comfortable and carefree in her daily life. Due to the significant personal benefits to the consumer, the overall customer loyalty has increased thus resulting in increased market share and retailer sales.

  • Adapt Air Breast Forms are adaptable to each woman's unique shape, enabling perfect skin contact and visual symmetry. After a mastectomy, the chest wall can be uneven. This makes it challenging for every woman to find a snug fit. Some women may be between two sizes or volumes and some may experience weight fluctuate due to menopausal symptoms, hormone therapy, or lympheodema which means breast forms do not always fit perfectly. Features and Benefits: Individually adjustable - Integrated air chamber technology allows individual adjustment by simply adding or releasing air - anytime. Close to the body - Comfortably adaptable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfect skin contact Visual symmetry - It can be adapted to every unique shape for a symmetrical silhouette to pursue a full and active life. Lightweight and Pleasant skin sensation - A high wearing comfort is achieved by the combination of different technologies. The Comfort + technology promotes temperature balance between body and prosthesis, thus reduces sweating. Thanks to the use of special lightweight silicones, Adapt Air prostheses are also available in two different weight classes, either 25 percent or 40 percent lighter than a conventional prosthesis of the same size, and each in 14 sizes.