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  • 2022

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    Web Design and Development

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Active Super

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The Active Super Website successfully repositioned an aging Superannuation firm, (Local Government Super), toward a younger target audience. The design system, user experience, and core functionality of the site reinforce key brand pillars, driving greater conversion and ultimately fixing the leaky acquisition and retention funnel.

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  • The superannuation sector is facing increasing competition, driven by consolidation, a move towards self-managed super funds, and a regulatory environment enforcing transparency of performance reporting as well as the specific industries and equities invested in. Previously called Local Government Super, the firm rebranded to Active Super, with the goal of attracting a younger and more diverse audience and reshaping its investment portfolio towards more sustainable and ethical investments. The key design challenge was to reposition Active Super in order to acquire, convert and retain this new customer base, and fix the long-term trend of losing more members than they gained.

  • The design system implemented completely repositions the company towards their desired younger audience. The colour palette and Illustrations are not only vibrant but reinforce the key messages of the new brand: innovative, environmental, and enthusiastic. They breathe life and excitement into a traditionally corporate and staid industry sector. Information architecture and tone of voice were specifically crafted for the audience, so as to remove industry jargon and present the subject matter in a practical manner. Interactivity, such as the investment data visualisation tool, was purposefully engineered to drive home key messaging and brand pillars around transparency and ethical investment.

  • For the first time in a number of years, the firm now has net positive member growth, gaining more members than it is losing through natural attrition and retirement. Resolving this “leaking bucket” has been key to the success of the new brand. This has been largely due to the ability of the site to attract and convert a younger audience base to become members. The new brand positioning of the site is clearly reflected in the usage statistics, with audiences in the key 25-34 year old brackets rising in excess of 20%.

  • Key to the success of the site has been the design and implementation of segmentation and personalisation strategies. Traffic to the site is segmented based on elements like campaign source, key referring site, keyword, or geographic location. The content presented to each user is then personalised to suit, making the experience far more relevant and personalised. For example, a younger audience is immediately presented with content related to smart investment strategies, whilst an older audience is presented with content related to preparing for retirement. A focus has been made on crafting interactive experiences that also reinforce key brand pillars of transparency and ethical investment. The investment portfolio data visualisation is a first-in-industry tool that allows users to review the specific makeup of each investment scheme, showcasing the spread of that portfolio by geography, industry sector, and right down to individual equities, including how we vote and monitor the companies we invest in to ensure they’re meeting our standards for financial performance and ESG impact. This level of transparency is unprecedented. This is an industry-leading level of transparency and actively demonstrates that the brand lives and breathes its brand promise.