A Better, Kinder Awesome

  • 2021

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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A Better, Kinder Awesome is a brand designed for Spencil, which makes quality, affordable Back to School gear for kids. It overtly rejects the idea of being an ‘exclusive’ kids’ brand, used for status, unlike its competitors. The purpose of the brand is to support mums and dads to support their kids to thrive. It is centered around helping parents raise happy kids. It’s joyous and inspiring.

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  • Spencil's major competitor utilized pester power to get kids to badger their parents into buying them expensive gear that they would use at school to hold status over other kids. The founder said that as a Mum, she hated that and that Spencil strives to be on 'Team MaD' (Mums and Dads), which we translated and defined as 'supporting mums and dads to support their kids to thrive.' They wanted a brand that adds extra value, sparks happiness, and fosters friendship amongst kids. They offer products for kids, but always with the parent in mind. Something awesome for everyone.

  • We re-oriented the business from a brand only relevant during the Back to School retail frenzy to a brand centred around helping parents raise happy kids - 365 days a year. We created a brand identity with a smiling logo and a happy, playful, empathetic feel. We made compostable mailbags, recyclable envelopes with 101 re-use ideas and created a parent portal with tips on how to support their kids to thrive. We reimagined their tone of voice, elevated the visual design and moved the logo to a less prominent position to tone down the idea of being a 'brand name' brand.

  • The result has led to massive growth for Spencil with triple sales. Spencil is becoming a more resonant brand whose purposeful values shine through especially with how we changed to compostable mailbags and recyclable envelopes with 101 re-use ideas. The 'A Better, Kinder Awesome' parent portal has an enormous potential to make a positive impact by offering tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to support kids, how to connect with them, improve their relationships, create confidence, foster inclusivity, spark creativity, imagination, and happiness.

  • The design needed to look playful, fun, happy, creative, and empowering. The vibrant colour palette, playful graphics, patterns and typography make the visual identity eye-catching and noticeable. The tagline 'Imagine that' has been designed to convey the same kind of hopeful idealism that John Lennon's 'Imagine' song had, albeit our subject matter is quite different. 'Imagine that' is our way of showing the 'better, kinder awesome' that is baked into the Spencil products and brand.