Benjamin Wilson

Industrial Designer and Global Technology & Design Communications Lead

Benjamin grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and completed his Bachelor of Industrial Design (1998–2002) with first class honors from Swinburne University. His motivation to work in the design field was his wonder for the design process, which often begins with a frustration, or with something that can be improved upon technologically, in its use, production or end-of-life cycle.

After traveling the world and having several traineeships, including one with Tassilo von Grolman, he eventually settled in Europe. In 2003 Wilson joined the Braun Design team in Kronberg, the cradle of industrial design. At Braun, he found a home to leverage his collaborative and curious nature and industrial design skills, working with incredible technical teams and learning the German design ways. His passion for making the future tangible, strategically challenging the status quo and employing material- and process-driven design led to key innovations in various categories, including Braun’s return to premium materials and its first ceramic watch .

His ‘Aussie design guy’ ways, passion for German design and understanding of the brand has led him to become an advocate and external spokesman for Braun and Good Design, representing the humans behind the design and their work from the past, present and future.

Since 2017 as Director of Communication at Braun, his mission has been to share with the next generation the idea of the Braun Haltung, or the unique Braun way of creating products, and that Good Design is Useful, Simple and Built to Last. Haltung is a word he enjoys using even with non-German speaking designers and entrepreneurs as it reflects a visionary approach to design that leads to a particular corporate culture, identity and, eventually, iconic products.