Andrew Simpson

Founder and Director
Vert Design

Andrew Simpson is the Founder and Director of Vert Design and has designed a huge range of products over its fifteen-plus years of operation, from the intimately hand-crafted through to mass produced industrial products.

Andrew’s approach to design is open and honest, with the act of designing, prototyping and making core to his practice. Andrew’s experimental approach at the process edge of making has led to a great diversity of design within Vert, where expertise gained through self-initiated projects informs work with a range of leading Australian and global brands. Constantly searching for meaning and value in design, Andrew’s approach considers the human connection, while his experimental work in the studio has led to several innovations including the development of sustainable materials made from waste.

Andrew’s work with Vert crosses all aspects of industrial design, strategy and craft including industrial and medical products, glass, ceramics, furniture, lighting, consumer electrics, wearable tech, fashion, jewellery, eye-wear, boats, shelters, and automotive parts.

Andrew graduated in Industrial Design from the University of Technology in Sydney in 2005 and his work has appeared in over 20 exhibitions in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

His commitment to fostering young designers has manifested in mentoring, lecturing and teaching roles undertaken with numerous Australian educational institutions, as well as public lectures, judging of national and international design awards and board advisory.