I am often asked “what products do you design? Or what kind of product development do you specialise in?

Industrial Design is my capability. To quote ICSID / WDO, “the term industrial designer refers to an individual who practices an intellectual profession, and not simply a trade or a service for enterprises”.

I am an industrial designer, who is qualified by training, technical knowledge, experience and visual sensibility to determine the materials, mechanisms, shape, colour, surface finishes and decoration of objects which are reproduced in quantity by the industrial processes.

I can be concerned with all of these aspects of a project. I may also be concerned with the problems of packaging, advertising, exhibiting and marketing when the resolution of such problems requires visual appreciation in addition to technical knowledge and experience”. I familiarize myself with different structures and materials. I touch them, feel them. I take a camera with me all the time to record things that interest me and sketchbook to visualize inspirations. I go to factories to interact and cooperate with workers. After more than 20 years of design practice, design has been internalized in me as a capacity which helps me to provide feasible solutions with style to industrially produced products.

How can I design a product I have not designed before? Industrial Design is not repetitive, design is creative. I am experienced with manufacturing processes I can apply that experience to a new product.

I understand how to research, how to study and understand the problems associated with the new product. A designer that has not designed a specific product will be less restricted by the norm. Working with a new product type allows me to use my experience and apply it in a new and different way. Product Development and Design innovation comes from careful thinking. Product development is a process, an intellectual application of skill and experience.

Specialties: Industrial design, I commute between Australia and China providing manufacturing solutions for my customers